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Google Has a Monopoly – But is it Fair?

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The tech giant has undoubtedly weaved its way into your life, as it has mine. In fact, I am 70% sure you are using Google Chrome right now. And I don’t blame you. It’s the fastest, most reliable, minimalistic browser there is.

Would you rather look at this:

Or this:


every time you make a search?

But the truth is, you didn’t pick Google – at least not entirely. Google picked you. (Tweet that)

Google’s success cannot be completely attributed to their service. Android should be given some credit too. Android helped sneak in Google and its app suite into our life, making it the primary browser for all of us (and yes, I am aware that Google – or should I say, Alphabet – owns Android).

Android owns 52% of the market share, with its only real competitor being Apple, standing at a mere 35.

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All phones come with pre-installed apps, and Androids are no exception. Their suite always includes, and is usually limited to, Google’s own apps – Chrome, Google app, etc. More often than not, you can’t delete these. So you’re stuck with them, whether you like it or not. And if you have them, you may as well use them, right?

Unless you are truly in love with some other browser (in which case, congratulations – Google hasn’t been able to ensnare you), you are unlikely to install another. Your thoughts would probably be something along the lines of – “Eh, what the heck.”

And because you want to keep everything synced, or because you like uniformity, you use it on your desktop or laptop too. And every other device you own.

And that is how Google conquered the market. Pretty smart actually.

So what do you think? Is it fair?

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