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GitLab Performance Monitoring with Grafana

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@mlabouardyMohamed Labouardy

Since GitLab v8.4 you can monitor your own instance with InfluxDB & Grafana stack by using the GitLab application performance measuring system called โ€œGitlab Performance Monitoringโ€œ.

GitLab writes metrics to InfluxDB via UDP. Therefore, this must be enabled in /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf:

Restart your InfluxDB instance. Then, create a database to store GitLab metrics:

CREATE DATABASE โ€œgitlab_metricsโ€

Next, go to Gitlab Setings Dashboard and enable InfluxDB Metrics as shown below:

Then, you need to restart GitLab:

gitlab-ctl restart

Now your GitLab instance should send data to InfluxDB:

Finally, Point your browser to your Grafana URL, then login as the admin user. Choose โ€˜Data Sourcesโ€˜ from the menu. Then, click โ€˜Add newโ€˜ in the top bar.

Fill in the configuration details for the InfluxDB data source:

You can now import the dashboard.json file by opening the dashboard dropdown menu and click โ€˜Importโ€˜ย :

Note: Check my Github for more interactive & beautiful Grafana dashboards.


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