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Hackernoon logoGitHub Sponsors Program Delivers on Promises, Allies With Stripe by@jare

GitHub Sponsors Program Delivers on Promises, Allies With Stripe

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@jareJarett Dunn Accelerating by Design, Dropout Now Entrepreneur, Mental Health Advocate!

Just got a heart-warming email from GitHub about their Sponsors program!

My fellow Hackers, have you all applied your most prolific GitHub accounts to join the program? Word to wise: they're doubling everyone's sponsorship dollar values up to a whopping $5000 USD each and every month for the first calendar year you're using their services! That's potentially $10,000 income on $5000!

Stripe Connect

Read all about it in our blog post โ†’

Here's my response to their team:

That's great news GitHub,

I have a Telegram groupยย and do some lazy marketing on HackerNoonยย for my selection of crytpo bots and other open-source contributions under my GitHubย These people in the past have shown enthusiasm and financial support for my efforts, and have been a tremendous fountain of community and support throughout my recent memory.

It'll be great to turn these fans into subscription income that The Man can audit (and lend against...) which will enable my continued growth towards being free from labor.

I'm already on Stripe with the emailย, having put a good volume of revenues through them via credit card gateway in 2014-2015, and can't seem to figure out how to use it to sign up for future GitHub paymentsย - the popup for Connect asks me if I'd like to builld a marketplace or extension :)

Be well,


if you fellow Hackers have a minute, see the form and email address below :) in return, you can email me and I'll fill out the form + send the email promoting your open-source contributions towards joining the Sponsors program, too!

You don't need to provide a Github profile or email if you don't want. For 'Which developers would you like to sponsor through GitHub Sponsors?' set

For 'anything else we should know' let them know about my efforts as dev for these bots? Tireless, sleepless nights to optimize and include feedback? :)

Also, recommend me to participate in the limited beta via personalised email.

Send an email to with a link to and my contact information: Telegram @RegTheIII Medium @jarettrsdunn HackerNoon @jare email



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