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Git Commands Cheat Sheet That Could Save you From a Headache

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A software engineer in my blood, co-founder and a CTO at FocalPoint Digital.

We, all the code guys, work with Git in our daily life. At first, when we learned Git, it seemed complex. Nonetheless, today, we run Git commands without copy-pasting.

It is a normal step-up for daily command of committing and pushing code to your repo.

There always comes a time where you make some stupid Git mistakes, and you are thinking: “Ohh s**t!! I did it again…”.

Not so fast!

Git is made for people like you who make stupid Git mistakes!

The Git Commands Cheat Sheet

This command sheet is for non-beginners and is mainly dedicated to fix Git mistakes.

Here is an updated list of all world-saving Git commands:

I hope this list helps you.

If you had more common mistakes that you wish to share, feel free to leave me a response; I’ll try to keep it updated.

Also published on: https://eyalyoli.medium.com/git-commands-that-saves-the-world-d47ba0ad3f36


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