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Getting started with Smart Contracts

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@vamshiVamshi @ BearTax

Co-founder of BearTax

I am primarily a JS developer with an aesthetic sense and major focus on building an end to end product.

Having ventured into the area of blockchain and smart contracts without any help, struggled a bit on finding right resources which are relevant and understandable by a front-end developer(javascript and related world).

If you are completely new and want to know what a smart contract is, you might have to read through this. Once you know what is it and want to go ahead and create one, you can follow the stuff below.

In this journey, I’ve managed to create a sequence of resources to be followed to avoid randomness(which I’ve been through).

Pre gyan session:

Some general gyan before you start:

Sequence of articles I’ve followed

In general, if you want to choose a side or entrepreneur or developer or a middleman
* The ultimate Ethereum blockchain startup guide


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