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Getting started with Manifold

by Jeff AndersenJune 21st, 2018
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<a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Manifold</strong></a> is the marketplace for independent <a href="" target="_blank">developer</a> services. A place for you to find, organize, and connect the best cloud services directly to your team’s workflow, under a single account, with one bill at the end of the month.

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Manifold is the marketplace for independent developer services. A place for you to find, organize, and connect the best cloud services directly to your team’s workflow, under a single account, with one bill at the end of the month.

We offer two different methods of creating a Manifold account: connect your GitHub account, or enter your email address and a password. If you sign up by email, you’ll need to verify your address to continue.

Create a project, add a resource or start a new team from the Manifold Dashboard.

Create a team and collaborate

Manifold allow you to organize all of your cloud services under a single account. Teams make it easy to share access to the service’s configuration and secrets, their web control panel, and aggregates everything on a single bill.

This means no more chasing down who owns which account, or who can give you the API keys you need to communicate to core services.

Teams also makes developer on-boarding super simple — invite a new person to your team and they gain access to exactly what they need.

Start your first project

Projects enable you to create logical groupings of services that belong to a single application, or component of your infrastructure.

Each project has a unique name, and can house as many services as you need. You then will be able to access the configuration for all the services in that project together. Because Projects aid in visualizing your stack, it simplifies on-boarding even further.

Choosing your first Service on Manifold.

Discover services you need, add external configuration

Your Manifold Dashboard starts by showcasing all the independent developer services that are available to be provisioned. All services can be filtered by Category so you can easily find the one you want.

There are three steps to getting started with your first service:

  1. Choose the product you want
  2. Pick a plan
  3. Select your customizations

Manifold then takes care of provisioning exactly what you need from the provider.

If you have services which are not available through Manifold, or want to bring all of your configuration together in one project you can Bring Your Own Service. Using our encrypted key value store you can add any secrets or configuration you need to import.

An IronCache instanced named cache-master part of the queue-service project.

Configure your services

Most services come with their own dashboards where you can view information about your usage and control your preferences. Manifold makes it easy to share access to these through Single sign-on. One click and you’ll be redirected, authenticated, to the service’s control panel.

Integrate your development workflow

Now that you have a project established, it’s easy to deliver your configuration and secrets directly to your application through one of our workflow integrations.

With development use the Manifold CLI to inject your config as environment variables through manifold run.

When you’re ready to deploy to production you can use our Terraform or Kubernetes integrations to easily deploy your cloud services with your existing infrastructure.

What are you waiting for?

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