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Get the most starred GitHub projects inside your new Chrome tab with GitHunt

A few months ago I wrote an article about a really great Chrome extension called Githunt. It basically grabs the most starred GitHub repositories in a day, week, month or year and displays them inside your new Chrome tab page. This way you are way closer to these repositories. This is a new article dedicated to this awesome Chrome extension: It has now been upgraded and has come with additional features that are worth the attention.

It has now come with a redesigned user interface, which I prefer a lot more than the one that it had previously. It has also added a list to find your prefered programming language easier in the dropdown menu.

Moreover, it has also added two ways of displaying repositories. You can view it as a list, or in the grid option.

It also can be used online as a separate tool, without having to install it in your browser. This is a good way for you to give this extension a try and have a better understanding of how it looks like and then decide whether you want to install it. You can visit it by going at this page.

I have the privilege and pleasure to write about this extension, as I see it as a really great way for us developers to keep an eye on the most starred repositories, so that we can learn, contribute and benefit from them.

This tool does not only help you stay updated with the most starred repositories on GitHub during recent times, It is also an open source project, which you can modify, learn and contribute to. With this upgrade, GitHunt has also been rewritten in React, as its previous version was written using jQuery. You can see its repository on GitHub here.

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