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Get Started on the Road to Become a Raging Success as a Writer in 500 Words or Less

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After years of research into what it takes to go from zero to raging success, I’m ready to share.

Over the course of my next 5 articles, I’ll pass along the great information I’ve learned from wise people and leave out everything you don’t need to know.

Why? There’s just too much information out there so I’ve distilled it here for your convenience.

In order to market well, here’s the skills required:

- Research 
– Create
– Edit
– Query
– Design
– Photography
– Computers
– Web Development
– Email Marketing
– Database Management
– Web Marketing
– Advertising

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we could just focus and not have to know so much?

In a free video series, Jeff Goins, bestselling author of You are a Writer, outlines twelve steps to make a living from writing.

Tim Grahl, the author of Your First 1000 Copies, offers similar advice over the course of 135 pages.

Both are invaluable resources, and highly recommended, but I’m writing today to deliver only the information you need in a nutshell.

All great marketing, for any product, comes not from selling directly, but from growing an engaged community around what you do.

Kurzgesagt, for example, creates free animated learning videos. People can subscribe for free on Medium or YouTube, and a small percentage of that larger audience donates money to them on Patreon. Now, after four years of hard work, they have 5 million followers, but they started at zero.

If you want to make your success story, there are the three steps you need to own:

  1. Denition: Develop a strong, specific voice
  2. Outreach: Distribute and test products/services in the market
  3. Growth: Grow your audience by increasing engagement

Success comes down to a math equation.

By growing your audience to 10,000, you can sell what you do and make a profit. At 100,000, a gatekeeper will write you a six-figure plus check.

The first question is: “How many people are signing up for what you do and how frequently?”

If the answer is zero, don’t fret. I’m going to make growing your audience easy.

As an initial step, I recommend joining Medium.

By publishing articles about what you do, you begin to grow your audience by becoming a thought leader in your space.

Medium reduces the work of getting started to signing up, writing an article, clicking publish, and checking the “stats” page.

As soon as your audience size equals more than zero, you can calculate how long it will take to reach your milestones.

Now, you’re one step closer to achieving raging success.

Just remember, making marketing easy means fun because all great success stories contain an adventure.

In the next article, you’ll learn how to develop a strong, independent voice.

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Thanks for reading these 487 words about how to become a raging success as a writer.

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