Gaming on the Blockchain Amidst the Bear Marketby@davidsm
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Gaming on the Blockchain Amidst the Bear Market

by David SmithDecember 6th, 2022
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Blockchain and metaverse as a hedge to profitability

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Gaming. The hype around the cryptocurrency bear market is slowly fading, and in recent weeks, the cost to join the exclusive club for gamers has been rapidly falling.

According to the traditional Darwinian notion, the companies that created items that could thrive despite the difficult environment would survive this downturn. And it's happening right now. Imagine enhancing crowdfunding via social connections, entertainment, and games utilizing blockchain.

A user first requires access to a virtual marketplace where they can buy NFTs. Brands like Nike, for example, have already begun releasing digital memorabilia for the metaverse.

Another method is to display digital collectibles through online art galleries, which are ideal for doing so. After NFTs became well-known for their use in digital art, this is a good feature. However, how do you present them? These are best shown in metaverse art galleries.

The metaverse may also communicate with NFTs through social interactions, shopping, entertainment, and gaming. Moonland, a dynamic multi-chain metaverse currently under development, serves as an illustration of this.

How does Moonland use NFTs?

Even before the introduction, there was a large demand for NFTs in Moonland. More than 10,000 NFTs made using the team's character creator's elements have already been produced. The first people to experience Moonland will be the owners of these NFTs.

The following guidelines will be followed throughout the NFT encounter in Moonland:

- A user`s starting character is an NFT. It’s up to the user to keep/trade/use.

- A FREE NFT character will be given to the first 100 Moonland users. Users will then need to pay for their NFT in order to begin their metaverse trip.

- NFT delights will appear at random around Moonland. In order to randomize their appearance in the metaverse, a probability % will be specified.

- The Galactic Market, a market for uncommon and rare goods, will also be introduced by Moonland.

-In Moonland, all in-game things, including armor, clothing, and weaponry, are special NFTs. Additionally, there will be uncommon goods like spells and power-ups.

-The company is also pursuing collaborations with fashion brands so that customers may buy products and receive their digital versions within Moonland.

In addition to all of this, one may keep pets and dragons in Moonland as NFTs. At first, pets will look like "eggs." A user won't know what rarity kind they have until these eggs hatch. The Galactic Nursery is where the eggs can be hatched. They  may do a few actions to raise the pet's potential rarity, including:

- Bring special nutrients for the eggs to help them hatch faster.

- Use special spells to increase the rarity of the pet.

Post-hatching, the pet will accompany the user on all their adventures in Moonland. The user can help them grow stronger by doing the following:

- Complete more tasks.

- Use special food and items.

Amid all these, Moonland has some other advantages:

Earning NFTs in Moonland?

Users can do tasks on Moonland that could result in NFTs. It will be randomly obtained; even if users complete the challenge, they may receive a rare item rather than an exclusive one.

Wormholes, another unique element of Moonland, allow users to travel anywhere on Moonland. It could take them to locations where they can engage in mini-games, see concerts, or even engage in a possible duel with another player. One can win an NFT by winning the face-off or the mini-game. The participants can compete by risking their NFTs during the face-off. The NFTs are all kept by the winner.

Bringing NFTs from other games/brands

A social multiplayer metaverse called Moonland seeks to welcome players from all around the world. The platform invites NFTs from other projects and games and takes the "social" component extremely seriously. It follows that one may distribute NFTs obtained from other initiatives while having a good time with pals in Moonland.

NFT airdrops

An NFT airdrop will be given to QTUM holders. As part of the Moonland launch, these premium 2D NFTs will be airdropped into the wallet of Qtum holders.