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Gaming Industry Being Revolutionized by Big Data and Analytics

The gaming industry is massive and there’s still a lot left to be discovered about the behavioral patterns and rationales of the gaming base. The key to understanding them is analytics and machine learning. The gaming industry stood at $78.61 billion in 2017 and in the coming few years, it will go over $90 billion.

The power and implication of big data are undeniable and its usage in the modern world is almost limitless. From driving customer experience to capitalizing on the best resources, big data guarantees strongest conversion rate to sales. But the question is that how will it translate to the ever-growing gaming industry?

The Relationship between Big Data and Gaming

In 2016, Big Data was worth $130 billion and it is expected to reach $203 billion by 2020. The ability of big data to improve the user experience and to present worthwhile results to the corporations make it an ideal catch. Gartner said that it has been the most happening trend in marketing this year.

The collection of big data is done with the intention of monitoring consumer behavior. Apart from the collection of demographic and social media data, gaming also depends a great deal on consumer behavior data. These details include how the users interact with the game, how long they play, and who they play with. Do they choose equipment like standing desks for game interaction?

Add to this the social media data which will provide complete details regarding the individual from age, gender, to location. It can even reveal other deep and important details like the financial and socio-cultural position of the individual. All the information aids in monitoring trends and evaluating the performance to achieve success.

Providing Personalized Experience to the Gamer

Using the behavioral data, the companies can update the design of their game so that the gamers can have a better experience. It is essential to give the users what they want otherwise, they’ll walk away in frustration and this is something no company can afford. According to VentureBeat, “76% of digital nomads expect to see a personalized website screen on just about every brand site they visit.”

Big data plays a significant role in providing a personalized experience to the users on a specific web page. It allows them to show relevant ads so that they have a good experience and do not despise the content which is displayed to them. For example, displaying content related to best gaming desks would always appeal to a gamer.

Approximately 80% of the gamers play games on more than one device so connecting gamers across various devices will give them a richer experience. With 46% of women indulging in gaming, there is no single gender which dominates this industry. This is through the analysis of big data that people realized that gaming is not gender-specific and people need to split their gaming experience on multiple devices.

The Bottom Line

There is no looking back for big data and it is likely to impact the gaming industry in numerous ways so that the already powerful industry flourishes and gamers can count to have better gaming experiences.

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