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FutureX Drop - Lost Realms

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A journey to a forgotten world. Join the brotherhood and ascend to an enlightened state. Are you prepared to defend your bloodline? An enchanted world built for NFT collectors and consumers.

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Today we are talking about Lost Realms

A journey to a forgotten world. Join the brotherhood and ascend to an enlightened state. Are you prepared to defend your bloodline? An enchanted world built for NFT collectors and consumers.

The team has been building a game with an action and adventure based concept of exploring and venturing into the lost lands. The whole ideology of working with teammates or they say the “enlightened“ ones to conquer this new world!

Not a lot of information has been released as of now about the game itself, but I’ve really loved the concept of how they’ve tried to grow & build the community without setting up any upfront promises.


There are 3 major roles in the ecosystem:


So what do these mean & why are they even relevant?

But first, let’s understand what’s the whole HYPE about?

Check out this website: https://somethingishappening.io/


This popped up one day in one of the server’s I’m a part of - I was curious to understand what exactly is happening?

A discord link to join the server popped up, and got closed in 15 mins and I missed the boat.

But after a couple of days, a random timer popped up on the website itself - and I got to hop in the discord.

So first let’s talk about this but still managed to raise sooo much FOMO for folks to keep jumping in non-stop!!!

Talking numbers: currently they’ve got 15k+ discord followers in the discord server that too without having a twitter account to start with!

What a GTM that is!!!

  • no marketing spends
  • no gimmicks
  • no false promises

Just pure organic growth - why you ask? FOMO FTW!!!

How did they grow?

  • You join in as:

    • Redeemed - if you answered yes on the website

    • Banished - if you answered no on the website

    • And you work towards becoming the “Enlightened“

  • The team (or as they say the PROPHET) started hand picking members who would be deemed as “worthy“ to join them in this new journey!

  • With heavy FOMO kicking in of a stealth launch & a sneak peek of great art - the server started filling in like CRAZYYY

  • A few folks got picked as the coveted “Enlightened” ones

  • They were tasked with the onboarding the “redeemed“ or “banished” by “blessing“ them

  • For a “redeemed“ or “banished” to be onboarded they need blessings from 5 different enlightened ones & each enlightened can only bless 5 times

  • So, a huge of wave of users started dropping in of why they deserve to join this community and it was no stop - with a few important tasks (roles) to be gained over the journey of being:

    • Researcher

    • Summoner

    • Searcher

  • Plus, you also had to have your server PFP updated according to the role you have currently - if not you get kicked or straight to #trial my friend

  • They whole activity was super exciting & very engaging - people were actually working towards helping each other out and trying to reach to the enlightened tier

  • Also, one of the most unique part is, there is a “trial” held - where you can vote against any other enlightened one who might not be deserving or engaging with the community - super interesting (gladly I wasn’t sent on trial, haha)

  • Ah, so obviously am one of the “ENLIGHTENED” ones

So this is the hierarchy of the server:

  • Prophet

  • Vial

  • Enlightened

  • Redeemed

  • Banished

If you wanna join in, there’s still time & hope to become an enlightened one :) join in the discord here

Some interesting facts:

  • They didn’t even have a twitter launched or any more information revealed
  • Their target was to onboard the first “1000 enlightened“ ones - once they did so, they launched their twitter, just a couple of days ago
  • As you can guess it’s already having more than 2500+ followers
  • Still no info has been revealed about what’s the exact game mechanics & folks are waiting out in the servers as the team works on pushing out updates
  • A few top personalities in the NFT ecosystem including ZenecaProfessorNFT have already joined in the servers (and they’ve also changed their server PFP)

Okay, now let me show you a few sneak peeks, they’re looking dope!




So, everything’s great - but why trust in this project in particular you ask?

Check out the TEAM, in their own words!


Now those are some BIG names in the gaming ecosystem!!!


They’ve already been able to partner with the top games in the ecosystem. Check them out:


I am really excited to be a small part of this project and wanna see where it goes from here, but am sure the team is building stuff out heads down and wants to make this one of the break through games in web3!

Obviously feel free to follow along the journey and get involved:

  • Twitter: link
  • Website (might get changed soon): link
  • Discord: link

That’s all fam, I hope it was a great time reading!

Please do leave a like & comment what you are excited about the most for this project :)

Originally published here.

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by Darshan Gandhi @darshang.I'm building FutureX (ProductHunt for Web3), tracking 200,000+ exciting/upcoming web3 projects.
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