Future Trends: Will We Have Flying Cars?by@CEO Notarin Motors

Future Trends: Will We Have Flying Cars?

by Sergey MelnikovDecember 25th, 2019
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Autopilot will do everything for the driver and lay a proper route for the octocopter. Maximum speed in the air is 360km/h, and range is up to 750km. Urban air transport market will reach estimated $15 trillion by 2040, says Morgan Stanley analysts. People will stop on the roofs of high-rise buildings to change the battery of the Octocopter, and will observe the beautiful scenery from a bird's eye view. The first flying car will appear in the next year and appear in 2020 the Ceremony of fire setting.

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Current situation in the sphere of world's car development has pushed us toward the idea of revolutionary type of transport. There are many companies in the world, which tried to create something similar. However, they did not wanted to lead theirs products on the global market. Our goal is to make an air transporting affordable for everyone.

Modern citizens of populous cities in USA are in the need of fast and simple methods of moving around. The gasoline engines should stay in the past. The electrical ones should come to replace it. Tesla Company is going for it on the ground and we must rise up in the air.

We could create gasoline cars for a long time, but they will went old soon and the new type of transport will come to replace them. There is no need in roads and road locations for octocopter. Therefore, there is a huge money economy for the State.

In our autopilot system, all transport units will be in a single system. Each octocopter will have information about the location of the others. This will help to avoid collisions and more competently navigate the route. According to projections of Morgan Stanley analysts, the urban air transport market will reach estimated $15 trillion by 2040.

People have long wanted to see flying cars

This is considered a distant future, everyone thinks there are a lot of problems in this area, but we are going to solve them all and give the world a revolutionary mode of transport. Our work will gain approval and support from the absolute majority of people, because everyone wants to fly in the sky feeling that this is an everyday occurrence. We're not going to get rid of cars completely, it's simply foolish and inadequate... When some of the traffic moves into the air, the roads will be cleaner, and the movement by cars - more productive.

When we look at modern transport, it becomes obvious that it is time to create a new revolutionary product.

Traffic jams are a problem of modem society

People spend time and health watching the same picture before their eyes for hours. When our product comes to the market, people will not care about these problems. When you move through the air at a speed of 100 km/h, you can attend to your affairs. And one does not need to worry about driving. Autopilot will do everything for the driver and lay a proper route.

Just imagine: people will stop on the roofs of high-rise buildings to change the battery of the octocopter, and will observe the beautiful scenery from a bird's eye view. The problems of dull driving and sitting in traffic jams will go away forever.

The batteries in our octocopter will be reusable. You will need to land at the battery change station and wait a few minutes. The used battery will be sent to the charging station (it will wait for the next octocopter), and the already charged battery will be inserted into the octocopter.

This market is not occupied by large companies. Only a few were able to make samples of flying cars, but they are not in serial sale and are not planned to be. Thus, Lilium Aviation made a not bad sample, but itis still not on the market. After the tests, we are going to immediately release the octocopter into mass production. People, while spending time stuck in traffic jams, will see that an octocopter has just passed over their head, which does not care about traffic jams. This will be the greatest attraction to our product.

Projected price range for competitors’ aircrafts: $200,000 - $1,600,000 . Our task is to create the most competitive transport. Priced at $78,000. Another kind of flying vehicles (hoverbike), according to experts, will take a more budget niche: $60-100 thousand. Hoverbike is not easy to use because of the one-seater frame. It will be able to fly only at low level and for short distances.

AeroMobil Flying Car made a noticeable sample: maximum speed in the air is up to 360km/h, and range is up to 750km. BUT! It requires a lane to accelerate. If people buy it left and right, there will be a lot of inconvenience with finding the runway.

Secondly, it has a gasoline engine and that means to mark time. We must turn to the electric engines. In addition, the prototype costs from 1.2 to 1.5 million of euro.

Toyota Company will develop the flying car. The first prototype will appear in the next year and in the 2020 the car will be acting on The Ceremony of Olympic fire setting. However, it can rise on the height of 10 m and it means that there is no possibility to maneuver among objects. In addition, it will take too much time. Moreover, it could hardly became a serial low cost product.

The goal of our project is to make a revolution in transport domain in such populous cities as Los Angeles, San Francisco and others.

The distinctive feature of Notarin Motors is our readymade offer for the customer without demanding any difficult actions from his side. We are developing octocopter with such characteristics as:

  • Autopilot
  • Ballistic parachute
  • Electromotors
  • Speed up to 125km/h
  • Vertical takeoff and landing
  • Four-seater saloon
  • Does not require driving skills
  • Power reserve up to 220km

Our programmers and engineers bring the product to perfection, so soon we will be ready fora series of tests and release it into mass production. After fundraising, our collaborators will enter a new stage of work.

People will be able to buy a new mode of transport for the cost of an average car, and they will forget what traffic jams are. This will partially move traffic from the roads into the airspace.

This type of movement will become an everyday occurrence for the population of the earth.