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FuseBox — bundle your project within a fraction of a second

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Ivan Orlov

FuseBox is a bundler/module loader that combines the power of webpack, JSPM and SystemJS. It takes 50–100ms to re-bundle a heavy project.

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FuseBox is a young but a very ambitious project. The community is growing, and I am infinitely grateful for all contributors that make FuseBox better, faster, stronger.

I will highlight some of the features, and leave the rest it up to you here


The main goal of FuseBox is to avoid configuration as much as possible. Everything should work out of the box. Unlike WebPack, you don’t need to bother whether your project will get bundled or not. It just will. You can bundle such monsters like babel-core with just this many lines:

homeDir: "src",
outFile: "_build/out.js"
}).bundle("> index.js")

Productivity is the key, FuseBox makes the heavy lifting for you


FuseBox is blazing fast, it re-bundles your project within a fraction of a second, yet offering a comprehensive API. It takes only 50–100ms to take care of typescript (compile + bundle) and SASS

A convincing benchmark is here. 1200 files to require once / FuseBox 0.234s / Webpack 1.376s

First class typescript support

Typescript just works with FuseBox.

homeDir: "src",
outFile: "_build/out.js"
}).bundle("> index.ts")

Change .js to .ts and start working with typescript. There is a top-notch angular2 TODO app here which fully demonstrates the power of FuseBox. Live demo is available here

Loader API

Few highlights here:


FuseBox has a good amount of plugins available to help you get started. Thanks to our contributors ;-) And the API is absolutely simple and convenient to work with.

There is so much more. Much more

If you like the project, don’t forget to star it on github! And of course, spread the word by clicking ♥

Join our gitter channel, we are active and very friendly!


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