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How My First Hackernoon Article Helped Me Get a Job in the Blockchain Space

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3 months ago, after a few days of researching, I wrote an article on hackernoon about social mining platform by DAO MAKER's ICO AGENCY. Back in the time, I was just blockchain enthusiast trying out the platform and starting to like it. In the sake of better understanding, I will provide you a brief explanation of what is social mining platform.

Social mining by DAO MAKER's is the idea that users that help build an open-source cryptocurrency ecosystem should be rewarded in its native currency. It is essentially a plugin solution for any blockchain to help it to become a decentralized autonomous organization. 
Social mining is built on the principle that any users can upload and describe the work that they have done for the ecosystem, which is then validated by other community members who are incentivized to do so.

If you want to know in detail what Social Mining by DAO MAKER's is and how it works you can check out my first article.


Chapter 1 - Social Mining giving me the incentive to get better

Social mining was firstly implemented by LTO Network where I started my journey. I was trying to bring some value to the LTO ecosystem to satisfy stakeholders and receive some tokens as a reward. I had no special talent or field of expertise. Memes and funny videos were my only weapons. After a few payouts, I was not satisfied with my results. I looked up at the biggest earners, I saw their outstanding work and I knew that I can't reach those levels making memes as value. So I started to write. My first articles were bad, but some users motivate me and thanks to Social Mining I was having a big incentive to get better

Chapter 2 - Key decision

I decided to leave memes, lazy articles and focus on greater and harder tasks. Social mining back then had very little articles or documents to learn from (As it's still in alpha phase). There was only unfinished whitepaper and the CEO of DAO MAKER's Christoph Zaknun. No more places to get information from, but I started. I was reading about the game theory that is behind the social mining all the algorithms, indexes and mechanism that are making sure the platform is unplayable and fair. I fall in love with the platform and the story behind DAO MAKER's. No crowdfunding or no private investors - just 2 dudes building the platform for 1 year with their private funds.

Chapter 3 - Where to submit my article? Hackernoon?!

I was always tough by Chris that SM platform is only to show results of your work. Not to post my article there, since it would reach 0 new users and this way the value would be 0 as well. Hackernoon was an obvious choice, but... I am not a writer this was my first big article. Will I get accepted? I was thinking that my article will get rejected, but to my surprise, it passed! 4 days of hard work and research paid off! I was able to publish my results on SM platform and I got a lot of positive votes and reputation this of course lead towards better payout.

Chapter 4 - The results will come

My hard work payout out. After two articles on hackernoon and a few more on other websites (as I was all submitting to SM platform since it was LTO relevant). One day the CEO of DAO MAKER's wrote to me that he saw that my article reached hackernoon, he also asked me if I could help him with integrating SM platform to the new project and it's community, since I have the knowledge to do it. I tried my best to do it as well as possible. I worked day and night in order to impress everyone to showcase my relevancy.

Chapter 5 - I MADE IT!

Yes, I made it, after my test month, I was able to grand trust and prove myself in from of the DAO MAKER team and now I am able to work with them. We went a long way right now SM is implemented by projects like Harmony, LTO, Ferrum or exciting startup like 2key. 3 months ago I was writing my first ever social mining article on hackernoon and now I work as a DAO MAKER team member with Harmony. Helping them in implementing the platform and meeting interesting and skillful people.


I am the best example and proof that social mining is working and that it incentivizing people to bring outstanding value to the project ecosystem. Thanks to my journey I am very grateful and I am educating people about what is social mining and how it can help save projects communities.

Thank you all for reading


Who are DAO MAKER's?

We are a blockchain cryptocurrency agency focusing on bringing the best services to the blockchain based projects. Social Mining is our flagship product, but we are also offering.
• StartUp Incubation, Mentorship, Advisory
• Community Building and Leadership
• Marketing Services
• Crypto Blockchain Business Development
Our incubators and one of the most successful projects of 2018 were Elrond and LTO.


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