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From Pac-Man to Fortnite, Unikrn is Reading the Arc of History

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We have been busy, because it takes a lot of work to play the long arc of history. Creating a foundation that will support one of the biggest platforms for betting, playing, and watching takes unthinkable unseen effort, planning and building.

As gaming continues to become the dominant form of entertainment, Unikrn is showing operators at the world’s most compelling tourist destination what gamers want. We’re seeding a revolution, and we’re deep into the process of changing on-site events and entertainment in Vegas.

Stop by The Park MGM on Friday night to get a taste of that future. Win some prizes, socialize and have a good time. Small, frequent events like this will show these casinos — and every other location operator in the world — that they would be foolish to ignore gamers.

Some reporters have recently asked me why we are focused on Fortnite for these events as we blueprint how these venues can revolutionize their appeal. It’s because Fortnite is a tip of a spear, but it’s a catalyst of something much bigger than itself — and we are, too.

Like I said, we’re building for the long arc of history.

I was seven when Pac-Man began to sweep North America, and it was unlike anything that ever happened before. Within a few months, you could find it just about everywhere, not just arcades or theaters.

No video game had ever swept the zeitgeist like Pac-Man. Everybody knew it. Within about a year there was a a top 10 radio single called Pac-Man Fever. It was the first major game where the game had a mascot in the title, which changed the landscape of marketing games. It is still the top-grossing arcade game ever — and by a wide margin.

Basically, that game was historic, and we owe a lot of what came after to it. I don’t understand how older generations from business and traditional entertainment have failed to recognize esports and gaming as an unfathomably important revolution. They saw a fraction of what it could be in 1980, and that was before the Internet, before organized competition, before gaming was in home and in your pocket and refined.

It still changed the world. It never died; it just evolved with new technology.

Today, we’re seeing gaming, with Fortnite at the tip, sweep the culture again. Everybody knows Fortnite now. Unikrn is native to this landscape. We were the first to offer odds on Fortnite. We were the first to be offering public Fortnite events in Vegas casinos.

We understand that this is the moment holdouts will finally learn that you can’t ignore gamers. We know that because we’re the ones going out there and showing them.

And we’re drawing the lines between what is happening now and how emerging technologies will influence it in the future. We see crypto, gaming, betting and competition all waiting to merge, and we’re creating the catalyst that will kick off that reaction.

That long-arc of history is why it’s so important that we structure our business not just to be a success now, but to be ahead of the curve as these tectonic shifts begin to accelerate. Once we initiate that evolution, we need to be prepared to stay ahead of it the whole way.

We’re preparing for that now.

As I said, next week, we’re expanding our presence in Las Vegas with a public-play Fortnite event featuring some amazing prizes from local restaurants, MGM Resorts hotels and partners such as Noble Chairs & GUNNAR Optiks.

Other Business

In July we plan to unveil a project and partnership that will create unprecedented liquidity for cryptocurrencies and change the face of fintech. We are working to solve the biggest issues creating downward pressure in cryptocurrency markets, and it’s helping us lay the foundation for the long-term success of UnikoinGold as a utility token.

Part of our challenge for 2018 is making sure UKG is easy to get, easy to use, and has widespread application in gaming and esports.To do that, we’ve decided we need to fundamentally improve the ease of use, and our solutions apply to blockchain as a whole. The implications won’t be restricted to UKG or gaming. In fact, we have every reason to believe it could be seen as a pivotal moment in fintech history.

There are new UKG applications on the way, as well as some new non-UKG products that will change the way you watch esports. As crypto and real money betting in Europe gets very close, we are making sure that we’re keeping our eyes on the horizon.

Just a final note, our partners at MAINGEAR are expanding their product offerings into a range of PC gaming components, peripherals and accessories in an exclusive deal with Micro Center. This is huge — there’s no company that makes computers like MAINGEAR, and I’m excited about how they’ll be able to disrupt the extended market with their uniquely quality and attention to detail.

It’s not too late to become an investor in Maingear’s crowdfunding efforts, which they are doing instead of seeking traditional venture capital. This is a company to watch. You know because Unikrn only partners with the best.


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