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From a “Hello World” Project to a Complex Messenger

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My journey of becoming an iOS developer begins in the summer of 2019. Back these days, I did not know anything about programming at all, so it was hard for me even to understand the most straightforward code. As a big fan of Apple, I decided to learn something related to iOS; therefore, I chose to learn Swift.

Since there were a lot of tutorials on YouTube, I decided to start learning there. After a week of intense studying, I gained fundamental skills, which allowed me to enroll in Udacity Nanodegree program.

With every new project, the difficulty of the assignments steadily increased.

Luckily, the motivation that I had was strong enough to keep me on this challenging path to success. As a result, I successfully graduated from this course in less than three months. With all the experience that I got from this program, I decided to build my first complex app. Since I’ve always wanted to build my own messenger, I decided to create it as my first portfolio app.

Due to the flexibility that Firebase Database provides, I was able to create a complex friend network for messenger users. Besides that, users receive data almost instantly, which makes a messaging process more enjoyable.

Also, mChat uses a Mapbox API, which allows users to choose custom-designed maps and share their location with friends(if the anonymous mode is disabled).

Overall, this messenger presents a modern design with lots of animations and custom chat color designs. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about my project! :)

Github Repository: https://github.com/realpaliy/mChat


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