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Frigidaire Freezer Error Codes

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Frigidaire is the most reliable freezer brand due to its highest quality and excellent performance. Most people prefer this brand to others because of its attractive features, including a cooling system, a light that shows that the power is on, a temperature alarm, leveled stands, and numerous shelves for storage. Another added advantage to the Frigidaire freezer is the presence of a reversible door, which makes placement more flexible, thus more superb.

Like any other gadget, the Frigidaire freezer encounters some technical challenges, which are displayed as error codes.

In this article, I've done comprehensive research on different types of error codes and how to solve their associated problems.

Frigidaire upright freezer error codes.

These are error codes that pop up in a freezer in an upright position. They include:


The H-1 error arises when fuzz or dust covers the freezer's condenser thus fails to operate. Consequently, obstructs the airflow, and the freezer over cools. Moreover, the cold air return fails to circulate in the freezer.

To remedy the error code, clean up the condenser coils; thus, cold air return opens up and the freezer functions.


Lo pops up when there is a control panel lockout. You can also unplug the freezer for preferably five minutes and plug it back. Afterward, press the control lock for a few seconds to check if the UL will function. If you are unsuccessful, the control panel needs repairing.


This code is a control error that appears as a result of the control system not working. For it to work, you need to unplug the freezer and allow it to reset. Plug it back in sand check if it functions properly. If not, it's clear that the freezer needs a new controller.

FO/ E7

The freezer exhibits various actions during the error code, such as chirping for a minute as the appliance functions at -10 degrees.

When this error takes place, there is a jabbed key, possibly the control panel. Therefore, results in showing that the freezer is constantly receiving constant signals from one of the buttons. The solution to this is that you first must establish which key is stuck. Afterward, press the key down gently and try to get it up. If the error persists, there is a need to replace

the whole control panel.


The CE error code means an error in communication between the control panel and the electric control board. To arrest this, unplug the freezer a minute or so; this resets the controls.

5y CF

It indicates that there is a communication breakdown at power-up. The solution to this problem is to check for the wire installation between the control board and the user interface.

Frigidaire gallery freezer error codes.

The error codes include:

SB or 5b

This error code stands for Sabbath Mode. It is a clear indication of a disabled freezer under the sabbath and religious holidays. To arrest this issue, you should turn the sabbath mode on and off by pressing and holding the "V" on the freezer temperature control panel for five minutes.


It displays in the freezer temperature panel. The code denotes that the temperature sensor is open. To resolve this problem, check for loose connections between the temperature sensor and the electric control board.


The error pops up in the freezer temperature panel. It means that there is a shortened temperature sensor. To SOLVE the PROBLEM, measure the resistance of the sensor using a multimeter. The sensor needs replacement if its resistance falls below 10 ohms.


The error is an indication that there is an evaporator fan circuit failure. It pops up when ice covers the evaporator fan. Consequently, the fan fails to operate well. For resolution, defrost the evaporator's coils to free the evaporator fan. The fan should work just fine.

The error also arises where the freezer shelves prevent the freezer's door from completely closing. Therefore, hot air enters the freezer, hence, causes condensation in

you should also ensure there is a harness between the evaporator fan wire and the electric control panel.


When this code displays on the freezer, it means there is a freezer compartment sensor failure. To remedy this setback, you will need a technician to check on your appliance.


The C1 error transpires when it appears on the freezer to indicate that the ice maker is not working correctly. Therefore, you need to check on the thermostat control panel.


Error codes usually are signals from your appliances that show as letters and numbers on digital control panels. These error codes help you to know there is an issue with your devices. Hence, the explanations given will enable you to get into solutions to individual errors, repairs, and replacements where possible. It is also essential to know your Frigidaire model number to get the best replacement spare parts required when replacing your freezer's bits.


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