#FoundersConnect: Adia Sowho, CMO of MTN Nigeriaby@peaceitimi

#FoundersConnect: Adia Sowho, CMO of MTN Nigeria

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Adia Sowho is the Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Nigeria, a multinational mobile telecommunications company that operates in many African and Asian countries. She is a powerhouse business expert, that is full of "masterclasses" as she says in this episode. Before MTN, Adia acquired a lot of experience working in different capacities at different companies. She started her career as a Radio Frequency engineer in US Cellular, did Consulting in Deloitte, and worked at Etisalat Nigeria for nearly eight years as head of strategy, digital media and digital business. She then moved to Migo, where she was the managing director and VP of growth, then worked in Thrive Agric as the CEO, amongst other vital roles.

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