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Food Tech Stories: Will You Marry Me, Cooking Robot? by@arthur.tkachenko

Food Tech Stories: Will You Marry Me, Cooking Robot?

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Based on this story: S'pore's First Robotics Restaurant Serves Robot-Cooked Wok Dishes

Once a small village, Singapore has risen as a prosperous innovation center. Indeed, the island city-state Singapore has undoubtedly become such a compelling magnet to worldwide tech giants. This city-state is always searching for tech-forward leaps. Here, creation and advancement are an essential piece of its business culture.


Singapore has made progress to situate itself to be fruitful in a period of fast mechanical change where advancement cycles have abbreviated. This technological mecca has proven itself as a worldwide pioneer in innovation. Also, this place has a high caliber of life, a brilliant framework, and a protected and stable condition that makes individuals want to live here and organizations want to work together here.

We can go on discussing numerous advantages and benefits of Singapore, but let’s discuss its recent breakthrough in launching a robotics restaurant.


Singapore has already got its first taste of drones working as waiters, but this time it has been taken to a whole new level of restaurant development.

Tech start-up Epic Food and Beverage has presented Singapore's first automated 90-seater idea eatery "Hawkee", where robots will prepare your preferred dishes for quite a reasonable price.


The menu offers 12 dishes and this place claims to prepare all of the 12 items within five minutes. The completely computerized eatery is situated on the second floor of Frasers Tower, which faces Amoy Street Food Center.

All the Hawkee robots are gathered in Singapore and have been built to hold the wok hei of the dishes they prepare, Sautéing, the cornerstone of Cantonese cooking, is about wok hei, that complex smell that briefly shrouds the hot sautés served in Cantonese restaurants. The sign of an exceptional culinary expert, wok hei is interpreted as 'breath of a wok' - results from an unpredictable interaction of elements that is part science, part workmanship, part magic.


But the technological progress in Singapore food industry does not end there. Established in January 2019, this startup expects to change the nourishment and drink industry through computerization, apply autonomy, and training so the business can stay aware of the advanced change of the economy. All the more significantly, the organization intends to implement automated cooking and artificial intelligence to safeguard the hawker culture.

From security robots to utilizing mechanical arms for heart medical procedures and driver-less transports, Singapore is known for a forward-runner in the robotics development. It has one of the most elevated robot-to-human-laborer densities on the planet, after South Korea. Pushing ahead, the organization behind Hawkee revealed it is planning to come up with and present a few other robotics eateries.


Read the whole story here: S'pore's First Robotics Restaurant Serves Robot-Cooked Wok Dishes

Created by Tatsiana Isakova

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