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Food Tech Stories: How Sugarmate Helps People With Diabetes

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Today, most people with diabetes opt to deal with their condition with the help of a continuous glucose monitor or CGMs. Since finger prick testing is not really convenient, CGMs are a great option. And they give a surge of information nonstop as well. However, most data is useless unless the right tools are used to analyze it.

CGMs is a system used to follow glucose levels at daytime and nights. CGM systems measure glucose levels at customary interims, 24 hours every day, and make an interpretation of the readings into dynamic information, generating glucose direction and rate of change.


This is when Sugarmate joins the party. Basically, it is a software that offers you an alternative approach to manage your diabetes. Sugarmate's founder Josh Juster has type 1 diabetes and has been living with it for more than 25 years. He made Sugarmate as an approach to help other people in the network, by consolidating his enthusiasm for diabetes tech and buyer programming advancement.

The Sugarmate concept appeared when Josh started using the GCM. Josh also had an Apple Watch and thought it'd be more convenient to see all the data on the watch's face. However, there was a minor blemish. Apple puts a hard limit on how often each app can update the watch’s face.

So Josh has come up with a brilliant idea to squeeze the software into the Apple calendar App. Since the calendar app can update the watch face with no restrictions, building an app that could push his glucose monitor’s readings into a calendar could be viewable on Apple Watch. And this is how Sugarmate appeared.


Sugarmate offers quite a few unique features that can save somebody’s life:

  • Below Normal Call

It makes an automatic phone call to the user’s chosen number when your readings are below normal and you are sleeping.

  • Urgent Low SMS

You can text friends or family with your location if your sugar level drops too low. The text is automatically sent to your emergency number when you are in a dangerous condition.

Additional Alerts

These are customizable alerts for when you're climbing, falling or you're steady but high.

As a lean group, the Sugarmate team depends on Heroku and outsider adds-on to robotize their tasks. Usually, the team can deal with their dynos manually as new clients join. However, a few situations require committed preparing assets. For instance, when a client demands a report in the application, Sugarmate's back-end utilizes an outsider instrument called HireFire to consequently convey another dyno explicitly to process that report. When the report is delivered, the dyno closes down.


Built for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, CarPlay, Web, Mac & Amazon Alexa, Android, and Windows, Sugarmate makes your everyday life hassle-free and helps get the most out of your CGM.

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