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Food Tech Stories: Amazing Dahmakan [Part 2]

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I need to finish ma platfom for foodies and recipe creators!

In Southeast Asia cloud kitchens are undermining the eating out model, working directly from singular cooking settings, and delivering directly to clients' doorsteps. This phenomenon is also known as delivery-only kitchens, ghost kitchens, and dark kitchens.

Eliminating client seating, cooling, and lighting means lower lease expenses and charges. This, in turn, diminishes the need to hire serving staff. Every one of these cut downs acquires for itself the better economies of scale while taking into account buyer inclinations.

Food delivery companies are wandering into their cloud kitchens, while reputable restaurants are launching their delivery satellite kitchens to guarantee more extensive reach and fast delivery to their clients.

Dahmakan, a food start-up situated in Malaysia, uses undesirable retail spaces to prepare meals using computerized orders. Cooking specialty meals to the majority may even now be troublesome, particularly when we are talking about the cost of the nourishment.

Yet, Dahmakan team has figured out how to combine proportional food production while keeping up quality and keeping costs at 30 percent beneath practically identical eatery costs. Dahmakan is a delivery service that uses artificial intelligence in coordinations and cooking mechanization. It supplies hundreds of hungry customers  around Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, and Subang Jaya to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

The organization consolidates unified, huge scope creation with client information, AI, and the culinary specialists in the business to offer food delivery experience. It applies artificial intelligence to last-mile delivery offering the most minimal delivery costs in the business. This start-up has already become a prominent figure in the local food industry.

This genius team has figured out how to bring the experience of chef-cooked food to customers whenever they want. Everything is simple, yet effective - Dahmakan simply delivers the best food at your convenience at reasonable prices.

As you can guess, this Malaysia-based cloud kitchen startup cannot go unnoticed. Thus, they have raised upwards of US$5 million in a Series A round prior to the launch of its distribution satellite kitchens in the country. This brings the company’s total raised capital to roughly US$10 million. According to Dahmakan CEO, financial infusions will be used to help its development in new and existing markets.

Read the whole story here: Cloud kitchen startup Dahmakan banks $5m in series A round

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