Flipping the Switch on the Traditional Graphic Design Pricing Structure

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@aminmemonAmin Memon

Draftss.com is a productized service which provides unlimited graphic design services on a monthly subscription model. The services include designing Logos, Illustrations, User Interfaces, to everything else you require. The price range starts from $259 to $1299 for different packages. 
 You can read about us in detail here.

Graphic Designer Payoff
Graphic Designers in the US earn an average yearly salary of $39,791. Salaries typically start from $17,636 and go up to $65,587. These numbers vary depending on several factors, like the level of education, amount of experience, industry, company size, and location. You can read about the complete reports here and here.

How we achieve it.

“It’s magical!”

The services are categorized into 3 packages; Startup Plan, Pro Plan and Dedicated Plan. The Pro and Dedicated Plan cover everything that can be designed. In the dedicated package priced at $1299, 6 designs tasks can be created at a time where 6 designers work on each of the tasks.

On calculation, the per designer cost becomes $216.5 per month.
$216.5 (per designer) x 12 (months) = $2,598 (per designer per year)
$2598 x 15 (designers) = $38,970 (cost of 15 designers per year)

How are your costs so low?

“Work. Work. Work. Work.”

The service is operational from Mumbai, India where the cost of a professional graphic designer is low. In addition, a complete process of optimizing our resources to bring down the cost even further. The most common situation that goes wrong is the communication between, the client and designers, which results in unfavorable design output. Assigning a dedicated experienced art manager to understand the client needs better brings out desired results with minimal iterations brings down the cost per design even further.

Does this mean design quality is inferior?
 No. Art is Art. Quality of the design cannot be labeled inferior by the location where the designer originates. Hiring experienced designers with regressive tests provides a certain benchmark for design output. This data is validated by completing 50+ monthly subscriptions of satisfied customers with 0 refunds till date. Yes, a 100% refund within 7 days if the customer is unhappy with the designs created.

15 Designers + 1 Dedicated Art Manager!

“Sit back and relax!”

We don’t expect you to talk to 15 designers to get your work done. We provide you with a dedicated Art Manager with every plan as one point of contact to eliminate any language barriers. We believe in picking roles where each of us works on what we do best.

We also have smaller plans, for early stage startups, checkout our detailed pricing here.

TL;DR: design cost optimization using affordable labour from a developing nation

We’d love to hear from you. If you have any feedback feel free to reach out at amin@draftss.com



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