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Crypto markets show signs of a turnaround

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@productmannChris Mann

I’m seeing the first full quarter of appreciation for many alt-coins. Appreciation is low but a turn around from what largely has been consistent declines for the life of alt-coins. This assumes this trend holds through the end of this month. Bitcoin will also appreciate this quarter if the same holds true. A few select Tokens:

ETH moves directly with the volume of ICOs. The new IEO (initial exchange offering) movement being touted as the second coming of ICOs may prove to do the same for ETH.

There is a high level of unsatisfied demand for IEOs. The gambling culture of crypto will fuel this. The wave will be nowhere near that of ICO’s. Because exchanges are pre-vetting the IEO projects on top of the hard lessons learned from poor quality companies behind all too many ICOs we’ll have increased quality in the IEO as an investment opportunity. Q2 is going to be exciting in crypto. This is my first-hand experience and information. I’m buying more bitcoin. I’m still wary of putting my own money on non-reputable crypto exchanges. Too many posts of people having trouble getting their money off of the exchanges likely due more to technical bugs more than intentional activities. Rapidly constructed, the technologies behind these exchanges is young and brittle while improving fast. Exchange support teams are having trouble keeping up with support requests.

If you are a blockchain company this may be an optimal time to list your token on an exchange. My company Efficient Frontier an algo trading company in crypto provides market making services and strategic planning can help. If you are a listed ICO you should also contact us.

This is not investment advice. Do your own research. Thanks for reading! ;-)

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