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Is online research annoying you? Because I’m often pissed at search engines.

Do I really have to crawl through ads, clickbait content and fake sites?

Isn’t there a better way to find the information I need to finish a project?

I’m here to tell you that I found my solution in this dumb web app.

And that it might be just what you need, too:

When I say dumb, I don’t say it out of spite — I love this little app.

My brother built it to speed up research when he was working at a research facility. It often took him days to search through countless PDFs to find that one crucial bit of data.

Until he wrote a simple engine in PHP to crawl through all documents and search for a pattern of keywords.

Then I gave him the idea to plug it into Google’s search API (he also added Bing later on), build a simple website and see if it could be useful to others, too.

So when I call this app dumb, I just mean that it’s stupid simple.

View my incredibly professional video tutorial to see for yourself:

I know the app looks quirky, and the website isn’t the prettiest design on the web either (let’s be honest, it hasn’t been designed at all).

But the crucial bits of information are there. The app continuously helps me create content. My clients need detailed articles with deep research — I just plug the topic with 3 crucial keywords into the app. I’m always shocked that virtually all links that it generates are useful references. How often does that happen in Google?

My brother claims that he spends much less time on research, and much more doing actual work and pushing things forward. Though I know that he likes to exaggerate — I know this is sincere, because I’m equally impressed with this little dumb web app.

Are you working on a tough project now?

Looking for that implementation or bit of code that you need to finish and commit?

Writing a blog article and finding zero inspiration online?

Need to know exactly what precursors can be used at 700 degrees to make carbon nanotubes grow?

Tired of pointless questions that are a weak attempt at marketing, supposed to build a false sense of urgency to check out a dumb web app?

This promo article is such a trainwreck.

Anyways, regardless of your answers to the questions above the meme, just check out this dumb little web app if research is so tough that googlin’s not enough —

Peace out!


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