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Find people to learn with (Colearn)

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Humans are one of the most complex species on earth and communicate in ways that no other species can. Our face reading abilities are amazing. Following photo easily explain what I am taking about.

Communicating and working together is what makes us so efficient. And face reading is essential part of that. We are born to interact.

Learning is no different we need motivation, plan, hard work and dedication etc., But Revolutionizing education is the single predication that has been made wrong so many times.

The single problem with all the methods tried for revolutionizing education is that they all are talking away the interaction and social part from learning and that’s why college and university systems are still so efficient.

Learning has always been a life long process and with the world changing so fast it has become even more important and Learning together becomes more important when you are learning hard topics. it takes dedication, hard work and motivation. Learning and mastering any topic is extremely hard and a tedious process.

That’s why we are trying to solve social problem of learning by finding partners for learning the topic with you. We introduce you to beta version of colearn(colearn.co).

It is a out first attempt to start solving the problem of learning together. We are looking for feedback and suggestion. Lets start learning a new topic today with someone!. You will be amazed with the experience.


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