Fastest Way to Create and Share Code in Any Language by@rahoolbenji

Fastest Way to Create and Share Code in Any Language


Share code using these lightning fast sandboxes available in almost all popular languages

In my last article I mentioned about Intervue to take remote interviews effectively.

I also wrote about how Intervue has integrated everything needed to take an interview under a URL.

Today I bumped into one of their new functionalities which I found was pretty cool!!

The GIF below shows how easy it is to open a sandbox


All you have to remember is<language_name>


Image showing sandbox environment of

Few quick access sandboxes for your reference





I can even fork these sandboxes to share particular piece of code with my colleagues or share a proof of concept with my manager.

The only drawback that I found was that the forked sandboxes expire after 24 hours.

I hope Intervue team will bring some mechanism to store these sandboxes as I could not find any.

Before I end this article here is a sample code to make polyfill for Array.prototype.filter function:

My First Intervue sandbox showing polyfill for Array.prototype.filter

Although this might expire after 24 hours as they say.

Another great part is that it Auto Saves. No need to click the save button


I really liked the sandbox functionality as it is pretty light weight, easy to use and so accessible.

Happy coding!


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