FAMIS: An Internet Rediscovery Experience by@padenfool

FAMIS: An Internet Rediscovery Experience



Freedom Of choice.


Access to the information collected about you.


Monetize your internet experience.


Identify and manage yourself across accounts and personas.


Secure actually stands for simplify.

An internet rediscovery experience.

As designed by a random guy on the internet, after quitting.


The products

Social Platform

This is a ground-up redesign of a social network experience.

I have personally identified two core problems in searching for a social network.

First, the mixing of audiences is usually detrimental to the overall experience.

I.e., imagine finding value on LinkedIn with the audience of Facebook.

The reverse is that LinkedIn is increasingly unreal and uninteresting.



Second, there are only so many narrow paths to take before it becomes tiresome to only look at photos on Instagram and/or 280-chars of raging-nerd on Twitter.

I chose to steal Linktree's purpose in that they aim to connect the social experiences. And to become a hub for your internet personality. As well as monetize it.

I also chose to disassociate the real-world identity of the author by making the avatar a non-NFT character.

I said the avatar was non-nft.

Building a global nft item economy around these profiles is an incredible idea.

If pursuing, watch that your barrier to entry is not too high (bronze skirt plate) and your rarity is not too low (party hats).

Your 3 Steps to Success

  • [x]draw cool profile page
  • [ ]??????
  • [ ]Success

Mobile App

This is the hub of a new account manager for the internet.

Lots of cool stuff on this one, broh. I don’t know any of it, though.

A social platform is nice on mobile also...

So is a wallet (even non-blockchain FIDO2).

I prefer my entire account management system had a grounding foremost in mobile.

Why is the account manager not on a website?

Cookies are suspect as fuck.

Do not build an account and identity manager with 🍪s m8; don’t do it.

Hopefully, blockchain drives us all towards thinking it's cool to download the software again.

Otherwise, I hope that a chrome extension, web attack, or friend utilizing copy & paste of inspect element doesn’t steal your entire life by pasting the new.

Browser Extension

This is going to fuck up a lot of days.

So what is this?

This is a browser extension built to pay you for collecting your data. Did you even see that?


Why a chrome extension?

When exploring “own-your-data” and “sell-your-data” business models like swash or invisibly, I noticed they all aimed to gather web data via a browser extension.

This can also do that, but [retracted] was made to have real internet utility benefits for college students and lazy people.



Wow, so you know what cookies are or were about to say

"just check to make sure cookie had the same ip m8888".

No, sorry. You live in an ideal world that doesn't exist for many reasons.

To demonstrate, with the simple capture, transfer, and injection of my Facebook login cookies, I could log my friend in from Taipei with no problem bypassing waiting for 2fa codes and not cluttering my access security logs with the visit!

Meaning if you log into a Facebook account with cookies, then nobody knows.

To my knowledge, cookie swapping is still possible with mobile-based web browsers so long as secured cookies can be edited on iOS + Android.

So anyway, I'm saying this is already possible without tracing and has many novel benefits one would need to explore for themselves. Building tools to handle cookie transfer for consumers simply adds some tracking and management on top of an already core and inherent part of how the internet works.


Also, it's way easier to log things in on my other devices for me, my wife, friends, people I don't even know, whatever.

Personally, I see this as the ability to secure and manage your web data.

Show me the money, loser.

It’s okay because I’m talking about myself.


The charts are looking good on this one m8s.

Where is the money in ‘own your data’?

  • As a consumer, you have complete knowledge of your purchasing power. Affiliate

  • The ads you see and the experiences you share on social media.

  • Renovating the ancient toll-booth of internet identity.

                                        thee who controls identity controls the…

Why am I doing this? I couldn’t find any actual day-in-the-life startup content on youtube, so I figured why not just start sharing the company I tried to build during covid away because I already quit.

If you enjoyed it, please like or follow, and we’ll see what a new day brings.

p.s. if you build this please consider disallowing cookie swapping on google & existing central account hubs.