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Today ELIX launches a brand new feature for viewing product and campaign details

We recently added lots of new products and campaigns to ELIX. Explore them here and join ELIX to add your own here.


Jane & Rosello have been hard at work improving designs on ELIX. Here’s an updated design for orders:

For campaign contributions, they’ve improved the design by adding options for repeat backing, contacting project owners, or leaving comments. It’s a streamlined way to manage all of your actions on ELIX via the upcoming Activity page.

Detail view designs show lots of information like quantity, reviews and comments from backers.

Announcing Detail Pages

Today we’re launching Detail Pages: an easy way to view product and campaign details. Now when you navigate to a product on the Explore page, you’ll see a “View Product” or “View Campaign” option:

Once you click to view detailed information, you’ll see all the relevant information about the product or campaign. Here are the details for DeskInfinity:

Use the thumbnail images below the main detail photo to toggle through different photos.

We’ll continually be improving and adding to Detail Pages in the near future! When buying is enabled, the “Buy Now” button will be clickable.

That’s all for this week! Explore products and campaigns on ELIX here.


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