Exclusive Interview With Zelwin CEO Nikolay Shkilevby@penworth
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Exclusive Interview With Zelwin CEO Nikolay Shkilev

by Olayimika Oyebanji April 2nd, 2023
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Nikolay Shkilev, Ph.D., founded Private Business Club for VCs and angel investors. Zelwin is providing one-stop solutions for startups at different stages. We created ready-made products, such as MVP labs, a launchpad for pre-Sale/IDO, a marketing hub.
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In addition to being the CEO of Zelwin, Nikolay Shkilev, Ph.D., founded Private Business Club for VCs and angel investors.

Over the years, he has distinguished himself as a leading innovator in the blockchain industry, participating in dozens of multi-million dollar projects worldwide, helping crypto projects as a strategic advisor and mentor, and serving as an honorary speaker at many international events.

Nikolay has grown Zelwin into a vast ecosystem that helps startups at all stages.

It was not easy to find free time with Mr. Shkilev for an interview, but I still managed to do it.

Mr. Shkilev, let me thank you for honoring my invitation. I would like to start with a question about the Private Business Club if you don't mind.

Sure, no problem

First of all, tell us about your Private Business Club - is it a DAO?

Private Business Club is a club for VCs, founders, and C-Level only. In the club, you have people from different spheres: VCs, exchanges, bankers, investment companies, Rolls-Royce members, family offices, and many others. It is where owners, founders, CEO, and top management of companies can speak freely without any spam or ads. With free advice and suggestions.

We offer investment ideas beyond classic wealth management and these have to do with global networking (EU, Asia, USA, CIS, LatAm, Mena, etc.), best IT & blockchain projects, advisory & mentoring services, Investments with a faster exit strategy and projects with the highest ROI directly from owners.

Who is qualified to be a member of the Club?

In our Private Business Club, there are more than 500 team members in total. Some of the team members from Curve, Black Dragon, GDA Capital, Huobi, KuCoin, Gate_io, Kraken, MEV Capital, Cointelegraph, Afford Capital, French Blockchain Federation, FH Capital, Oddiyana Ventures, Lavaliere Capital, Mensis Capital, Olymp Capital, Allied Venture Partners, BitForex, Da Vinci Capital Partners, Infodriver Capital, Royal Family Offices from UAE and Kingdom of Bhutan, and many more.

And as we are constantly expanding our list, we make a very strict selection so that only the right people are in the club. To join our Club you must be a VC, Investor, or big name in the crypto sphere. For DD and verification, you can send an inquiry to my personal Linkedin introducing yourself and your social networks and media.

Nikolay with Binance founder ,CZ

Quite impressive! Now, can you tell us about Zelwin?

Zelwin is providing one-stop solutions for startups at different stages. We created ready-made products, such as MVP labs, a launchpad for pre-Sale/IDO, a marketing hub, and a fiat-crypto payment wallet, and we provide payment solutions, a crypto-friendly marketplace for goods, OTC deals (on-ramp, off-ramp), and fundraising and advisory services.

What inspired you to build Zelwin?

Thousands of startups are created every year, but most of them do not have the requisite experience, connections, and competent marketing. And as a result, 97% die before listing on any exchange (62% die after listing within 6-12 months).

With Zelwin, we decided to provide a one-stop solution. Crypto projects no longer need to throw away their time and money into a black hole and look for hundreds of providers. We are helping to fill the market gap in three different ways.

One, from idea to product. We test business hypotheses, build an MVP, help with development & graphics, check and create tokenomics, and White Paper, and we offer advisory services, strategy, etc.

Two, helping with seed, which involves pre-sale, and IDO. This is where we do marketing boost, fundraising, and leverage our connections with VCs, 450 plus media outlets, 1000 plus KOLs & Influencers, and build community on social media.

And three, listing on crypto exchanges. We fast-track listing on exchanges and verifications on main platforms. We also provide a fiat-crypto payment solution.

I initially thought ZelWin Finance was only an IDO launchpad. How big is its ecosystem?

Launchpad is an important but small part of our ecosystem. At the moment, we have more than 150 active customers or active project partners, if you like. But we plan to increase this number to several thousand projects annually.

For so many projects, you will need a huge number of employees.

That's right! We are creating a separate portal for Zelwin Agency, which is going to be a one-stop online store where our customers can immediately see hundreds of services, and thousands of bloggers, with prices and choose for themselves any service or services with delivery within 24-48 hours. In the crypto market, we do not yet have something like this, especially on such a massive scale.

Separately, we launched the Ambassador Program, where there are already 35 people from all over the world, and we plan to expand our network to 300-400 ambassadors. And we are always!

What is the Ambassador Program about? How to join you?

Sure. Our rule and conditions are very simple: each ambassador receives from 10% to 15% of each deal closed. But to be eligible, he or she needs to sell our services and bring viable projects to Zelwin. And as for the training, there are instructors to guide our ambassadors, we provide free training, provide sales scripts, and help at all stages, including in groups, chats, and calls.

In terms of security, how are investors using Zelwin launchpad protected

We protect all our investors in any project as an escrow agent! We allow crypto projects to send us their tokens before TGE (Listing).

The projects can receive their investments only after TGE (Listing), but if a project doesn't get listed on the exchange(s)we partner with, we return all investment to our investors. We have had projects where a large chunk of the profit went to our participants.

And how do you keep track of promising projects that are going to be listed on crypto exchanges?

I highly recommend you subscribe and use our Smart Telegram Bot. This is where you will be able to receive all the news and announcements. Moreover, there you can play games, complete various tasks and receive nice bonuses and rewards from us.

For example, we are now launching a large Trading Competition for a $200,000 prize pool. Only those who are subscribed to our Telegram Bot can receive rewards. We also regularly hold AMAs and other activities on our social networks on Telegram and Twitter.

Thank you for your answers. I have learned a lot myself! What would you like to say to our readers?

Never give up, and never invest in only one project. And remember that there are many opportunities in the world to earn money and our ecosystem allows investors, projects, and Ambassadors to do this. Take care of yourself and we are waiting for you!