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Every QR Code Is An Opportunity

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Track performance of any Link or QR Code, collect visitor data, and find out more about your traffic than ever before.

QR Codes Are Everywhere

QR Codes are old technology, and up until 2020, they were not something anyone in the US really cared much about. It only took a global pandemic to push us to the point where everyone was familiar with QR Codes and using a QR Code Generator. Now you can find a QR Code on just about everything;

  • Making payments to your local coffee shop
  • Learning more about a product advertised on a giant billboard as you drive to work
  • Attesting your health to your employer via their contactless
  • and as one last scan as you pull up the menu at your favorite restaurant

Needless to say, the business world has adopted using QR Codes to get away from annoyingly long deep-linked URLs or nothing at all.

Everyone Is Using Them

Try this; print out a Trackable QR Code and set it in a place where people are visiting. What do you think will happen? People will just scan it! Even without instructions, QR Codes have become part of our every day. Most restaurants, even though they do not have to, offer a contactless menu accessible via QR Code. And who knows how to use it? Your 12 your old child? Yes. Your 84 year old grandmother? Yes. And everyone in between.

The pandemic made this possible!. Just look at the Google Trend for “QR Code Menu” in the USA. What went from obscure, quickly became a “norm” for most restaurants, which forced patrons to realize their mobile device had a QR Code reader right on it!


The Missed Opportunity

Every scan of a QR Code prompts your device to do something. Most QR Scans lead to a web destination, whether it be a form, menu, informational website. With that scan, there are tons of data points that can be captured to make sense of your QR Code’s success and the people using it.

What information is always available?

  • Visitor Interest (which QR Code was scanned)
  • Device and Browser
  • Location
  • Date and Time of Day

With Autonix we take it one step further with Visitor Data collection and other tools:

  • Name, Email, Phone
  • Company and Badge ID
  • Visit Purpose
  • Self-Attestations (ie. “I have not tested positive for COVID in the last 14 days”)
  • Information dissemination (ie. “Bathrooms are in the back, WIFI password is 12345”)

With all of this information captured, the ability to analyze and track behavior becomes extremely valuable to anyone looking to analyze QR Code Activity. We can now determine:

  • QR Code Scans
  • Visitor Data Completions
  • Click Through Conversions
  • Visitor Throughput (Peak/Lull Visit days/times)
  • Visits By Cohort (QR Code, Country, Device, Date, etc.)
  • And more!

Learn about how it works: https://autonix.io/how-it-works

Start Capturing It Now

Autonix was born and built out of COVID. Initially built as a way for restaurants to rebuild trust in people re-visiting their restaurants, Autonix has sprawled out to offer a robust analytical tool for the creation and tracking of unlimited trackers and scans, with a variety of upgradable tools such as better branding and API access.

Want to learn more about the Autonix QR Code Generator? Well it’s only fitting we have you scan our QR Code below:


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by Autonix @autonix.Track performance of any Link or QR Code, collect visitor data, and find out more about your traffic than ever before.
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