Every Good Marketer is a Growth Marketerby@dariavolkova

Every Good Marketer is a Growth Marketer

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With this article, I convey my perspective on growth marketing and dispel the myth that it is unique. Also, I want to urge marketers to stop chasing lead generation and start finally creating real value for the customer. The concept of growth marketing sounds a little confusing to me because, if you think logically, marketing activities are carried out for the company or product to grow. If marketing doesn’t bring growth (revenues, recognition, loyal customers, new markets) and is only an expense item in the company's budget, it is anything but marketing. I want to emphasize that growth marketing is an effective and logical way to promote products. But it's a standard integrated approach to marketing, and it's not just about wording; it's about positioning and formulating requirements for marketers. I want to urge founders to reconsider their approach to hiring and evaluating people not based on the highly specialized use of marketing tools but to look at candidates' logic and way of thinking. A growth marketer or person responsible for promoting your product should think about how to communicate its value first and then — which instruments to use.

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