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Everipedia + Hacker Noon Partnership by@hackernoon

Everipedia + Hacker Noon Partnership

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our staff to writers ratio is 1 to 1428. Welcome home, Hackers.

Dear Curious Hacker,

How can the internet best organize all of humanity’s knowledge? I don’t have the answers, but the next generation digital encyclopedia is probably part of the solution. Everipedia aims to make the world’s best digital encyclopedia. One that is powered by the EOS blockchain. Will they achieve their goal? I don’t know — the encyclopedia on the blockchain could be a holy grail of killer blockchain applications — and I do believe Wikipedia would be a more trusted and higher functioning site for the world’s knowledge if it was powered by a blockchain. I’m very excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Everipedia to better promote and cite Hacker Noon contributors and stories.

Hacker Noon Contributors on Everipedia

Everipedia and its community will be building people pages for top Hacker Noon contributors. These pages will grow the digital footprint of our contributors and their stories. Here are 60 of the early pages for Hacker Noon contributors:

Hacker Noon contributors can edit these pages, as well as millions of others on topics that they are interested in by becoming Everipedia editors. When you sign up to become an Everipedia editor you will earn a small IQ bonus that will help publish contributions on the site. Here is the tutorial on how to sign up.

In addition, select Hacker Noon editors will have the opportunity to become an Everipedian-in-Residence in the subject that they are an expert in their field (email [email protected] if interested). These Everipedians-in-Residence are subject to an additional IQ bonus.

Citing Everipedia on Hacker Noon

With Hacker Noon, we’re trying to make the best place for tech professionals to publish and read. Because we’re community driven (and have had threats to our revenue streams that have hindered our editorial resources), our citations aren’t always as good as they should be. Much like how Crunchbase entries integrate with TechCrunch stories, Hacker Noon will beta test improving its citation of Internet Culture by citing more of its stories with relevant Everipedia entries.

Everipedia Contributing to Hacker Noon

At Hacker Noon, we want to publish more about the internet, and the culture that it creates. Every week, Everipedia team will be publishing “Internet Culture Roundups” on Hacker Noon. We started this with: Internet Culture Roundup #1: Top Five Trending Everipedia Pages of the Week.

All Everipedia content on Hacker Noon can be found at

Additional resources:

Ultimately, I want to work with people who believe there can be a better internet — an internet where intelligence and insights are rewarded more than moats and incumbents. Who knows if we’ll get there? But for now, Hacker Noon just made a solid step to better promote and cite what and who it publishes next.

Until then, don’t take the realities of the world for granted.

Kind Regards,

David Smooke

P.S. Want to talk shop? Email [email protected] to (you guessed it) to discuss partnering with Hacker Noon.