Even GitHub’s innocent Octocat has a hidden face

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@adityaAditya Chatterjee

GitHub has always been a playground for many but due to its nature of contributions, it has always been a place of astonishing art and malice.

Is GitHub mysterious?

On a sunny 🌞 day, I was happily browsing through the wilderness and a 16 years old issue grabbed my attention. What? I thought I knew Octocat is 9 years old.

GitHub has several interesting facts hidden in the disguise of opensource wilderness.

As such, the “Fun Facts” feature of the repository, attempts to highlight some of the insights. Here are some:

  • The most commented issue has around 16565 comments but the sad part is that it is a result of automation. See it here. It was a result of a person who goes by the alias peej.
  • The oldest unresolved bug is around 16 years old. The irony is that GitHub is 9 years old. The issue is: “the opaque pointer type is “int” in JNI layer”. See it here.
  • The most popular user is Linus Torvalds with over 55489 followers whereas he follows none (contrary to the assumption that “more users I follow, the more users will follow me") .
  • A seemingly authentic issue has over 1915 comments which is a discussion💭 over iCloudin, which is a tool to bypass iCloud and another issue addressing the same issue has over 1279 comments. The strange part is there are only around 130 participants, a small number compared to other issues. See it here.
  • An issue over a project that won China 🌍 2014 State Science and Technology Prizes has over 1426 comments with over 997 participants
    and observations continue forever. ▶️
Enjoy the application “Repository Hunter”

Enjoy other exciting facts and insights at GitHub.com/AdiChat/Repository-Hunter

Feel free to add your insights in the repository through an issue or a pull request.

Even the innocent Octocat had a hidden face!

Our innocent octocat:

Our innocent octocat

was infact, clever.

Our clever octocat
Our innocent octocat was, in fact, clever.



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