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Understanding the background of the Hospital Bed Rental Industry

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Hospital beds are the most essential parts of the healthcare industry, can u imagine the patient lay on the floor and the doctor is doing treatment not at all so it is very much necessary for the healthcare industry.

The Hospital Beds Ancient Times

In ancient times the hospital bed which was made are not capable of moving or we can say it lacks mobility features. One of the earliest types of beds appeared between 1815to1825, at that time design of those beds was simple having adjustable side rails.

The invention of the Modern Hospital Bed

The first hospital bed which is modern having manual elevation registered in 1874, this design was used in some countries but it seems to be problematic to move the bed.

After that Gatch bed was invented in 1909, these hospital beds were equipped with three movable sections that help in adjusting the sitting position for overweight patients.

Todayโ€™s Hospital Beds

In 1945, the push button bed was invented. These beds are equipped with modern facilities after years of research and innovation in the health industry. These features include automatic elevation in three parts, wheels, tilting option, and adjustable side rails.

These hospital beds have mobility functions for moving the immobile patients say spinal injured patients.

The trend of Hospital Bed Rental

Over the past few decades the trend of taking hospital beds on rental increased. Healthcare is now focusing on saving their buying cost of infrastructural facilities and trying to reduce their capital expenditure.

There is a rise in the need in keeping patients at home by installing hospital beds on rental there so which increases the demand of taking rental hospital bed for rent in Toronto . Also Increase in various disorders like spinal malfunctioning, brain injury, or muscular dystrophy creates a market for the hospital bed rental industry to grow.

End-Use factor

There is a rising in patients and an increase in government reforms to improve the healthcare industry plays a vital role while pushing this rental industry forward.

Now equipment procurement has been substituted by leasing/renting option that saves the one-time investment of hospitals or patients who bought for home before the rental thing comes into picture that indirectly saving the capital of them.

There is a rising need for home healthcare services and geriatric care centers that creating growth for the rental hospital beds segment.

What is the size of the Medical equipment rental Market?

The global medical equipment market size is expected to reach USD 75.83 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 6.53% over the forecast period.

Factors deriving Hospital Bed Rental Market

Reduced Hospital Stays: Now fewer people want to stay at the hospital, they want to be treated at home to get a friendly environment. So there is a need for a rental hospital bed arises to get the patient lay in the home to be treated properly like in hospitals.

Disabled patient Pool: More people are getting disabled nowadays due to various health issue that is severe that leads them to be laid on the bed most of the time so here they require home hospital bed on rental.

Advancement in Technology: with the advancement of technology the demand for hospital bed rentals are increasing.

Increasing Capital Requirement: Now people donโ€™t want to invest their capital they are more willing to pay small amounts monthly so they prefer rental hospital beds.


Over the period healthcare industry developed so much whether in terms of evolving hospital beds, shifting preference from buying to taking hospital bed on rent. Now the trend of Rental hospital will increase more.

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Keshaw Raj s a content writer and love to write and Publish on News Newtork


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