ETH.TOWN: Floors, Heroes, Team, Pre-sale!

Hey Crypto-Ninjas!

A while ago, we said the first HELLO WORLD to our cool community! Thanks for all of your claps! Your support has made us even more driven in delivering cool and fun content to you guys.

A few days ago, we released some important details on the functionality of the investor tokens in our platform. Please read the article here.

Simply saying, ETH.TOWN is going to be a really cool game on Ethereum!

Today, we wish to reveal a bit more on the features of our project and announce the pre-sale event.

You already know by now that ETH.TOWN (i) is some kind of a trading game, (ii) has awesome characters drawn by our creative designers, (iii) incorporates fun meta-games connected to the central gameplay, and (iv) leads players on their personal path to a steady stream of profits (bring out the Vitalik in you).

But, our team just isn’t that great at keeping cool/fun stuff all to ourselves. Let us tell you guys & gals just a bit more about the features we’ve been working hard to build into the gameplay.

There are several huge features we wish to cover today:


A 100% crypto-affiliated tower consisting of special offices and apartments. Some are good old businesses, some are totally crazy stuff.

Every floor comes with its own rules, profit structure, bonuses etc., often with funky twists added in for fun. More details on them will only be revealed over time.

Floors, with their cool, handcrafted animations, will also change their order in the tower depending on the activity of players. Certain special floors will house very different mini-games in them. We’ll launch with a few mini-games and will be adding more over time. There will also be Event Floors. The 1st of these will be a POWH Floor, with all profits generated from it to go to members of the community who made verified losses in POWH.

And we’ll have EPIC Floors, one of which will be sold during the Pre-Sale!

Collection is also a big thing in ETH.TOWN. Whenever you get a new floor or participate in it in other ways (secrets, secrets so far), you add a special achievement to your collection. Having a lot of those will provide you with special perks on your ETH.TOWN journey. (Go forth young warrior, and may the force be with you.)


Heroes are a big, big part of the game. They will help you maximize the revenue from floors and can generate revenue for you on their own as well — e.g., you can buy some dirt-cheap Level 0 guys, spend some time and effort to tinker with them and derive significant ETH gains later on.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, even in real life, 1 random postal stamp may cost just a dollar, but a full collection of 20 stamps can cost a lot. Value of assets are always derived from what they’re worth to other market participants.

All heroes start off from Level 0 and will have a set of beginning stats tagged to them. At some point in time, you can choose to take your Level 0 Tarzan and Level 0 Jane (names purely for illustrative purposes), initiate a journey that helps them “understand the meaning of life”, and voila, a Level 1 hero is born! Sometimes, in around 20% of cases, you’ll even be able to acquire 2 kids from the merging/birthing process. Sadly though, parents will self-destruct soon after their child is born. Their sacrifice, and contribution to the gameplay, will forever be etched in our memories.

Level 0 characters are born automatically and sold on an open auction platform — if you wish to buy the character, put some of your ETH.TOWN Investor Tokens (ETIT) into the pot, and if no one else adds more ETIT, you win the auction and get your Level 0 character. It’s an open marketplace.

Also, the starting cost of each character will change along the way, getting higher when more heroes exist.

If you’re not a ETIT-holder, the only way to buy heroes would be from other players (with ETH).

A Level 15 hero is a Star Hero. Again, we won’t go into too much details here, but they are the most powerful ones. The higher the level, the rarer and more expensive the characters will be.This is one of the ways we can control the economy and provide enough sinks for the tokens.

There will be the ability to buy low level heroes. Higher level heroes can only be produced from other heroes. Or bought during the pre-sale event. Each character belonging to a higher-tiered generation will take longer to be “born” compared to the lower-tiered ones, but auction rules stay the same.

The characters will be a part of interactions in the game, you can play with them, and some will have special relations with certain floors. We likely won’t include the full functionality of the heroes in the initial alpha, but it will be added by the release date. We’d rather show the final version when it’s ready than have people spend tokens in a half-baked solution. More character interaction mechanics will be added as game updates after the game is live.


The game is being developed by On5 games development studio. The studio normally specializes in mobile games, but innovation is cool, and the Ethereum platform is great to try making real games for.

The studio has a lot of experience in game development. It worked with such companies as Samsung, Atari, and EA before. A talented team of developers and artists is working day and night on ETH.TOWN now.


The ETH.TOWN Tokens, or Investor Tokens, are the in-game currency in ETH.TOWN, and they are an ERC-20 compatible token. The game automatically rewards the holders of the tokens with pay-outs according to the game rules, and the tokens can be spent on in-game items that can be only purchased with the tokens. Tokens spent on item purchases are removed from circulation.

The tokens can never be directly purchased from the game or the game’s organizer, and are only awarded for certain actions in the game, and as an added bonus for purchasing in-game items during the pre-sale. The players are however free to exchange the tokens with each other, for example by trading them on EtherDelta.

After the game is active for a while there will be constant influx of new tokens issued, and tokens will be constantly destroyed as they are spent on items. In the early stages however there won’t be many new tokens created, so their value will be high, and the Pre-Sale and Bounty Programparticipants will be holding most of the total supply.


We are going to run a pre-sale next week!

The stuff we are going to pre-sell will include:

  • Epic floors
  • Several Star Heroes
  • Pre-born high level characters
  • Unique custom content creation offers
  • Pre-sale participants will be getting ETH.TOWN Tokens in addition to each purchase

We will post more details soon.


  • As mentioned, our secret-but-not-secret-anymore target is to break the records and achieve a turnover of 100K ETH during the 1st week of our platform launch.​
  • The game is made by an experienced game development team.
  • Characters are a big part of the game, they come in all shapes and levels.
  • Investor tokens are awesome.
  • We will hold a pre-sale.

Have a great weekend while we work hard! :)