Essential Tools and Resources for Learning to Code and Building your Startup by@CobiOneCanobi

Essential Tools and Resources for Learning to Code and Building your Startup



Hello world! I’m about to take you on a magical journey. A journey to places on the internet you’ve never been before. You will discover many wonderful ways to create, grow, and foster your projects.

THIS could be you:


I have split up some of my favourite sites into categories which you will see below. Feel free to check out any link that peaks your interest. Don’t worry, I won’t get too offended if you decide not to look at everything. It’s not like I made this for you or anything.

Inspiration and Free Material to Help Create the UI and Design of your Site.

  1. GoodUI — Learn the secrets of good UI and design.
  2. UYI and Code My UI — Snippets of beautiful UI (with code available).
  3. Font Pair — Find fonts that go well together.
  4. UIPALLETE — A collection of sites to help find colour combos for you.
  5. Pablo — Make your images social media friendly for free.
  6. Noun Project — Icons galore (free version available).
  7. A PH Collection — List of sites to help create a new logo.

Free Stock Images and Videos

  1. A PH Collection — List of sources for free stock videos.
  2. Pexels
  3. MyStockPhotos
  4. Stock Up

How to Code

  1. A PH Collection — List of popular sites to learn how to code.
  2. Git Guide — Simple guide for learning about git.
  3. Code4Startup — Learn how to code by building existing startups.
  4. CodeUpstart — Same as above.
  5. TutSet — A free tutorial to help you become a full stack web developer.
  6. Level Up — Learn different coding languages through videos.
  7. bento — Teach yourself to code anything from recommended material.
  8. lifehacker Article — Helping you choose what coding language to learn.
  9. A CodeMentor Site — Based on your needs, suggests a coding language.
  10. Lynda A collection of video courses for learning all things programming (free with certain public library cards).

Free Web Templates You Can Start With

  2. PSDDD
  3. Theme Finder — A collection of sites offering templates
  5. Mockup Catalog

List of Site For Promoting Your Startup

  2. TNW Article

Curated Lists for Taking Your Skills and Startup to the Next Level

  1. THESTACKS — a collection of websites with curated lists.
  2. Growth.Supply
  3. Market by Designmodo
  4. A PH Collection
  5. Growth Tools
  6. Startup Resources

MOAR Dev Tools

  1. Dev Docs — Read documentation offline.
  2. — Improve and practice your coding skills.
  3. CodinGame — Improve and practice your coding skills through games.
  4. tutorialzine Article — Awesome tools and resources for web devs.
  5. tuts+ Tutorial — Tips for writing readable code.
  6. A PH Collection — List of tools to help build your next site.
  7. jQuery Cards — jQuery plugins to make your site more awesome.
  8. Makers Tools — More tools for developers.
  9. GitHub Post — The best front end dev bookmarks you need.

Congratulations! You have reached the end!

If you have any suggestions for sources to add, please don’t hesitate in sending it my way. I am always looking for more material to learn from and share.

As we part ways for now, I will leave you with some inspirational words to reach your goals.

Go get em tiger! Thumbs up for rock and roll.

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