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Why You Should Do Your Own Marketing

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Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in technology services industry.

Many companies do their own marketing. And why not. Who knows your business and your customer better than you do, right? This is a great point and certainly addresses a couple key points that we’ll talk about.

In this article we’ll talk about the pros and cons of doing your own marketing as well as the scenarios in which you should perhaps let someone else do it.


  • -Very few people understand your business the way you do
  • -You (maybe) fully understand your customer
  • -You (hopefully) know your customers’ demographics and psychographics
  • -You understand the nuances of your industry that lead your customers not to buy
  • -You know what kind of language they use (scripting & demographics)
  • -The labour cost is free/sweat equity (or is it?)
  • -You get to learn more about a different aspect of business


  • -It can take up a lot of your time
  • -You don’t have the same marketing expertise as if this were your specialty
  • -Online marketing requires a large time investment to learn
  • -Lack of online marketing knowledge can lead to poor execution and penalization by search engines
  • -You may not be a wordsmith gifted with great scripting capabilities leading people to click
  • -You may be spending more time on marketing than you should
  • -If you get extremely busy, your marketing efforts will take a back seat which will eventually come back to bite you in the…
  • -You may not have a system for checking your work, leading to grammatical errors that misrepresent your business.
  • -May not be aware of online marketing trends the way a specialist would
  • -May not have the same time available for A/B testing and monitoring of campaigns the list goes on.

Why someone else should do it?


As entrepreneurs we usually enter into an endeavour with the goal of building a business so magnificent that we can work there every day if we want to and put in the long hours because we enjoy them. The part of the vision that many of us have a hard time achieving is to create such a great business and team that if we decide we don’t want to go into work, we don’t have to. Because we all have those days. We all need to vacation or spend days with our loved ones. It doesn’t mean we aren’t passionate about what we do. It simply means we’re human.

So ask yourself. Is the X amount of dollars you’re saving by doing the marketing yourself worth more than taking a vacation or taking some time to step back from your business, have enough quiet time to come up with solutions to your current problem and increase the efficiency and enjoyability of your business? In the beginning, it may. If you’re building a great business, there comes a day when this is no longer the case.


You went into business for yourself because you wanted to serve others, not have a boss and do something you love, hopefully. You would probably agree that a fulfilling life is one filled with love and doing the things you enjoy doing, as much as possible. So ask yourself. Do you truly enjoy marketing your business? Is there something you would rather be doing? Is there some other business activity you enjoy doing more that also works towards making you money? If there is, the chances are you’re also better at it. Consider outsourcing your marketing to an Ottawa marketing company.

Ability to put yourself into client’s demographics shoes

Everybody has different abilities. Some people are great at sales, others are great at fulfilling, others accounting. You may have an accounting business that is great at balancing the books and saving your clients an average of $10,000 a year. You may have a decent book of business; you may like your clients. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re able to fully understand your demographics wants and needs. We’d like to think that we’re all well balanced individuals. We’d like to think that because we’re successful in business, that we have all the right traits and skills. Unfortunately, sometimes, to get to the next level, we need to hire someone who’s skills are greater than ours to 10X our business. This is something to think about.

Much more experience & efficacy

Coat-tailing on the scenario of professional accountants. Clients hire an accounting firm because they’re very efficient, have specialized knowledge and due to the amount of files they work on, they are very knowledgeable, very efficient and much quicker at creating these reports and filing our taxes. Those accountants would not be as efficient at marketing as they are at accounting. If the firm has big goals for growth, the amount of time they would have to spend to learn and practice the right skills in order to take their accounting business to the next level while doing the marketing themselves would represent an opportunity cost far greater than hiring a specialist to do it. The specialist may charge more upfront. But you don’t have to pay the marketing specialist to learn all this knowledge from scratch and you don’t have to pay them to make mistakes to learn the best method of doing it.

Focus on what you do best

We’ve talked about this above. If you’re an accountant, a landscaper, a mover, a general contractor, you know how to make money doing what you do. The more of that thing you’re able to do, the more money you can make. Even if your boots aren’t on the ground. Your time can be better spent, hiring and creating training programs to increase your business output; the activities that make you money. If you allow the professional marketers to do their thing, you’ll have more time to do what you do best.

Your worth /hour vs time spent Marketing

Many of the aforementioned factors are subject to this last point. You have to look at what you’re worth to your business per hour. You have to find out how much money you’re worth per hour gross and net by dividing by the true number of hours you work. Now use this number to weigh out any business decision you make as it concerns your time. Always question yourself. “Is my time best spent ‘here’ or ‘there’ based on the amount I am worth per hour?”

What we do – Over and over with efficacy

PeanutButter SEO Ottawa is a marketing firm specializing in Online and Offline marketing planning and execution. We hold our clients’ hands as we journey down the road of doubling their businesses without the use of overpriced mediums such as radio and television which use a shotgun approach to marketing rather than the sniper approach that the online world gives us through the use of big data. While online provides this wonderful opportunity, offline is still very important and often plays a part in completing the marketing plan.

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Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in technology services industry.


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