Enhancing Rails Application Performance: 18 Essential Tools and Techniquesby@aleksandrov

Enhancing Rails Application Performance: 18 Essential Tools and Techniques

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To ensure optimal performance of Ruby on Rails applications, developers can use various tools and techniques. These include: Bullet: A gem that detects and helps fix N+1 query issues, improving database performance. N+1 Control: Used in tests to ensure the number of DB queries behaves as expected, particularly regarding N+1 queries. APM Systems (e.g., NewRelic, AppSignal): These tools assist in monitoring and diagnosing N+1 query problems and other performance issues. PgHero: A database optimization dashboard for PostgreSQL, offering real-time insights into query execution times, locks, and more. Rails PG Extras: Provides insights into PostgreSQL databases, including locks, index utilization, and cache hit ratios. Strong Migrations: Helps organize migrations, ensuring they don't impact application performance. Database Validations: Offers faster database-level validations compared to ActiveRecord methods. Database Consistency: Helps maintain consistency between database schema and application models. RuboCop Performance: A gem that not only enforces code style but also improves code performance. Fasterer: Provides automated code performance improvements based on Ruby idioms. bundler-leak: Analyzes Gemfile for memory leaks, useful in CI/CD pipelines. Panko: A fast data serialization library inspired by ActiveModelSerializers. Alba & OJ: An alternative to Panko for fast and versatile data serialization. GraphQL Performance Tools: Tools for optimizing GraphQL APIs. Profiling (Rack Mini Profiler, Stackprof, MemoryProfiler): Tools for identifying performance bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Dive: A utility for exploring Docker images to optimize size and efficiency. Dalli: A Memcached driver for Rails caching. Test Prof: Profilers, recipes, and RuboCop rules to speed up test suites.
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