Emotionally Intelligent Entrepreneurs Should Have These Traitsby@scott-d.-clary

Emotionally Intelligent Entrepreneurs Should Have These Traits

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Emotional intelligence should be taught as a subject in elementary school – that's always been an opinion I hold. Not only is EQ a crucial tool for self-regulation and self-concept, but it underpins every action we take in our personal and professional lives.  To me, emotional intelligence means understanding that our emotions aren't a reflection of reality (or not necessarily, anyway). It means having the ability to interpret our feelings in a conscious and deliberate way, so that we can make decisions with clarity and purpose. Recently, I've been reading up on how this important trait plays into being an entrepreneur, and what it means to be an emotionally intelligent entrepreneur. I know a pretty big chunk of my readers are super interested in this kind of thing – so I thought it would be valuable to share my findings.  Here's what I've gathered on the traits of an emotionally intelligent entrepreneur. 

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