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Email Collector With Viral Engine For Indie Devs Making MVPs

Tuemilio by Domingo Mancera (@manceraio) from Barcelona.


“Users can contact me on twitter with the keyword “MakerLaunches” and I’ll extend their free trial period for 2 months” — Domingo

What’s your motivation for creating your product?

I built Tuemilio as a result of a failed side-project and in turn, decided to “productize” it as users become interested.

What are your product features?

Email lead form with a referral engine.

When did you launch?

22 October 2018.

Where did you launch?

Product Hunt

How did your launch go?

#3 Product of the Day

480+ upvotes

2.3k visits

129 registered users

106 forms created

1.9k emails collected

2 paying customers & 1 churn

Any specific launch tips? Or things you would do differently?

Use gifts and animations. Belong to a community and contribute to it.

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