Elon Musk is Proof of Social Currency and Community Governance by@elizabeth-levine
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Elon Musk is Proof of Social Currency and Community Governance

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Musk Metaverse is a set of new cryptocurrencies, NFT assets, and a multiplayer online space game. Along with a $METAMUSK token, four other tokens honor Musk’s most notable projects: $SPACEX, $TESLA, $NEURALINK, and $STARLINK. Developers hope to make the project a vital part of the budding cryptos run by the team at the end of the year. With big companies like Google, Microsoft, Microsoft and Google already eyeing the Metaverse.

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There’s no denying Elon Musk has a massive (and loyal) fan base. With over 65 million followers, his tweets regularly make headlines and often move markets. Thus it shouldn’t be all that surprising that a group of his biggest fans has created a meme cryptocurrency in his name.

Musk Metaverse is a set of new cryptocurrencies, NFT assets, and a multiplayer online space game. Along with a $METAMUSK token, four other tokens honor Musk’s most notable projects: $SPACEX, $TESLA, $NEURALINK, and $STARLINK.

Pretty much everyone knows about the first two, as they are by far the most successful. SpaceX has put the space race back on overdrive after decades of stagnant growth. At the same time, Tesla was the catalyst for the automobile industry’s complete transition to electric vehicles by the end of this decade.

Musk has built his name, and his critics too, on the successes of both companies. Who doesn’t want to go to space or never have to pay $4 a gallon for gas again? But Musk hasn’t stopped his work there. The two other projects, Starlink and Neuralink, will be even more game-changing than the first two.

Starlink is Musk’s effort to bring ultra-high-speed internet to every person on the planet no matter where they are by a network of thousands of ultra-small satellites, while Neuralink is the newest and perhaps most controversial one, aiming to connect computers directly to the human mind.

Critics slam Musk’s ideas as “crazy” and “impossible,” but that doesn’t seem to stop him from trying to prove them wrong -- which he often does.

With meme coins so popular right now and Musk’s fans as equally passionate as he is, there certainly seems like there is a market for a meme coin honoring Musk’s work.

While most meme coins have questionable real-world value, the way Musk Metaverse is doing it makes sense. While Elon Musk has no official connection to the project, Musk Metaverse gifted half of the token distribution to Musk. Musk has donated the tokens to charities around the world. As the tokens increase in value, Musk’s favorite charities benefit.

By creating tokens to support Musk’s various ventures, Musk Metaverse has also given crypto investors a way to show their support for the projects. Of course, there needs to be a place where these tokens have value, so the project’s backers have created a game.

According to the developers, participants in the Musk Metaverse purchase an NFT spaceship asset to start and join the game. Players level up their spaceships by winning battles or buying upgrades in the marketplace, using $Metamusk as currency. Like other NFT collections, spaceships of the same class can be “bred” to create a unique new spaceship, and the spaceships themselves can be traded just like any other asset.

However, unlike most NFTs, these will be placed on the Binance Smart Chain, with significantly lower transaction fees than the Ethereum network. Apps will be built for the Metamusk metaverse for iOS, Android, H5, and the PC, with API access also available. 

The latter will allow developers to integrate Metamusk into their platforms, a crucial part of Metamusk’s long-term vision. 

Metamusk launched the $Metamusk token earlier this month in a presale of 25 trillion tokens at a unit price of $0.00000002. That ends Christmas Eve and is followed by three more 30-day sale rounds through March 24, 2022, with the unit price increasing $0.00000002 each time, according to the whitepaper.

The team plans to launch the $SPACEX meme token first, along with listing both it and $METAMUSK on the major exchanges in the coming weeks and months. $TESLA will likely follow sometime early next year along with a new bonus program, and $NEURALINK and $STARLINK and new partnerships by the end of 2022.

And while a meme coin now, Metamusk has bigger ambitions. The developers hope to make the Musk Metaverse cryptos a vital part of the budding metaverse.

“In the long run, we believe that the virtual economy is more valuable than the real-world economy, so we want to own and develop assets in the Metaverse,” the developers said.

Will the team at Musk Metaverse be right? With Big name companies like Meta, Microsoft, and Google already eyeing the metaverse for their own “walled gardens” where they have all the control, time is of the essence. And what better way to do it than a cryptocurrency honoring one of tech’s most famous visionaries?


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