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ELIX App Improvements, Automation, Second Giveaway + More

Welcome to this week’s round of ELIX updates! It’s been a busy week, and we’re excited to update our community on our progress with ELIX.

Download The ELIX App

Click on the image below to download for iOS.

Click on the image below to download for Android.

A Second Giveaway

Thank you everyone for participating in the recent giveaway. E-mails will be sent out to the winners by the end of the night today. Congratulations to all those who won! If you didn’t have a chance to win this giveaway, then you will have another chance!

Over the next week we will be launching a giveaway and a bounty to onboard more users so we can gather more information and feedback to make data-driven decisions moving forward. The giveaway will be designed to drive more app downloads and the bounty will be designed to increase brand awareness for Elixir. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram to not miss out on these awesome opportunities!

App Improvements

We’ve fixed numerous bugs, added an FAQ page, worked on displaying MEW-compatible private keys, and worked on new blog articles we plan to incorporate into our website. One improvement we made this week was to incorporate MEW private key display into the app. This will allow people to access their wallets without using our platform as well. Here’s what the new private key interface will look like:

And here’s a sample of the new FAQ page within the app:

We also added several new projects to the app. Download the app linked here to check them out!

Sample New Projects On The ELIX App

Automating Projects

Creators can choose to feature a project video or several photos (shown upon selection) for their campaign. They can also select a cover photo for their campaign.

We spend a considerable amount of time setting up projects on the app, but we’d like to reduce that amount of time. To do that, we’ll need to automate the process of listing and editing products on the ELIX app. The design team is currently designing a web page to upload and edit this information. Automation is a key step because it will allow our developers to spend more time building new features rather than listing and editing products. In the long term, this means we’ll only need to approve projects as they are submitted for them to be viewed on our app.

This week we are excited to announce that the UI for uploading Boost crowdfunding projects is now complete. The next step is to connect this page to the backend.

Building tools to speed up how creators and backers manage projects will allow many more creators to join the platform faster.

Fiat Integration

In addition to automation, integrating more accessible forms of payment is one way to potentially expand this platform. This would mean we would be able to go to more creators from different spaces and onboard them to our app. ELIX could be used as a discount and rewards token if other currencies are incorporated. We are currently exploring and researching this option.

Send Us Your Feedback

If you haven’t already, please send us your feedback on the app here. This helps us plan future features of the app and gather feedback on what you all want to see. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from the community already!


While we don’t often comment on general market sentiment, as utility is our focus instead of price, sometimes it’s worth talking about briefly. The best time to iterate and make improvements to our app and website is now, even if the markets are down. This means that once the app has enough utility to grow organically, presumably by then the markets will be recovering. This is true both in crypto and the economy in general.

Be sure to sign up to get the app on our homepageas well as connect via social media on Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. We also have Facebook and Instagram pages, and a newsletter you can sign up for at the bottom of our website. To create your own project, sign up to be an Early Creator here. Stay tuned and follow our Medium Blog for exciting updates!


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