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Ed Sheeran’s songwriting analysis

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@pradyumnadoddalaPrady Doddala

I was listening to this song “I see fire”, and I wondered about Ed Sheeran’s songwriting skills and that is when I started analyzing the lyrics from all of his albums.

I’ve made a word cloud for every album that Ed has worked on and here are the findings.

EP: “Orange Room” (2005)

Moody Ballad Of Ed, Misery, Typical Average, Addicted, I Love You

album: “Ed Sheeran” (2006)

Open Your Ears, Beyond The Pale, In Memory, Insomniac’s Lullaby, Quiet Ballad Of Ed, No Luck, Stevensong, Billy Ruskin, Spark, Pause, The Sea, Way Home, Bonus Track

album: “Want Some?” (2007)

You Break Me, I’m Glad I’m Not You, You Need To Cut Your Hair, Sara, Move, On, Yellow Pages, Smile, Postcards, Two Blokes And A Double Bass, The West, Coast Of Clare, I Can’t Spell, You Break Me 2[Hidden Track]

EP: “You Need Me” (2009)

You Need Me, I Don’t Need You, So, Be Like You, The City, Sunburn

EP: “Loose Change” (2010)

The A Team, Homeless, Little Bird, Sofa, One Night, Firefly, The City (Live At Sticky Studios)

EP: “Songs I Wrote With Amy” (2010)

Cold Coffee, Fall, Fire Alarms, She, Where We Land

EP: “№5 Collaborations Project” (2011)

Lately, You, Family, Radio, Little Lady, Drown Me Out, Nightmares, Goodbye To You

album: “+” (2011)

The A Team, Drunk, UNI, Grade 8, Wake Me Up, Small Bump, This, The City, Lego House, You Need Me I Don’t Need You, Kiss Me, Give Me Love, The Parting Glass[Hidden Track], Autumn Leaves[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track], Little Bird[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track], Gold Rush[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track], Sunburn[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

EP: “The Slumdon Bridge” (2012)
(Performed with Yelawolf)

London Bridge, You Don’t Know (For Fuck’s Sake), Faces, Tone

album: “X” (2014)

One, I’m A Mess, Sing, Don’t, Nina, Photograph, Bloodstream, Tenerife Sea, Runaway, The Man, Thinking Out Loud, Afire Love, Take It Back[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track], Shirtsleeves[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track], Even My Dad Does Sometimes[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track], I See Fire[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track], All Of The Stars[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track], English Rose[X — Wembley Edition Bonus Track], Touch And Go[X — Wembley Edition Bonus Track], New York[X — Wembley Edition Bonus Track], Make It Rain[X — Wembley Edition Bonus Track], Lay It All On Me[X — Wembley Edition Bonus Track]

album: “÷” (2017)

Castle On The Hill, Shape Of You, How Would You Feel (Paean)

From the word clouds, it is easy to understand that our fiery haired artist has been writing more about ‘love’ since 2010, “The songs I wrote with Amy” album.



If you’ve reached this, you’ve made it!! Have a great day!

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