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Drive E.V. — The Company and Our Mission

Drive E.V. is a company that has been the outcome of my studies as an engineering student for Peoria MET Professional Academy. I was given the opportunity to find a problem I wanted to solve and given all semester to work on. The idea for what I wanted to do came to me sometime during the summer of 2016, way before I was given the opportunity the work on my project.

My idea came to me randomly when I thought of attaching small wind turbines on a Tesla to generate electricity to charge the batteries. It sparked a whole world of ideas and interesting thought. Because increasing the range of electric vehicle is important, creating a product that does so is in demand. So as it started as a wind turbine, it has developed into so much more.

My Idea didn’t look like this but, I wanted to show a representation of the general idea

Drive E.V. as a company “Striving to find solutions in sustainable energy in the present for the future” I wanted to not limit my self to one product but to a whole business oriented around working on electric vehicles to improve them in a way to promote the sale of them.

Currently we are working on using an alternator attached to the drive-train of a Model S that would recuperate the lost energy and recharge the battery. Like in a regular gas engine, the alternator uses the spinning of the cam shaft to spin the alternator that charges the battery in the car to keep your lights on and lets you listen to the radio. Our Product is called “Regenerative Motion”. It regenerated electricity based of the spinning of the Drive-train to spin the alternator that produces electricity.

Visual of the “Regenerative Motion” in a Tesla Model S

To show that my idea works, I am mocking up and electric R.C. car with the set up shown above. Using a fan motor and reversing it and reconnecting it to the battery to show a proof of concept. Being able to show that my idea work, creates electricity to charge the battery, and increases range I can gain the attention of Tesla and share with them my ideas.

My goal is to continue on with Drive E.V. and the “Regenerative Motion” to help further develop E.V.’s and improve on their technology.

Robert Kuhn — Drive E.V.

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