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Dreams and Reality

Dreams are just dreams … yes they are waiting to be brought to life. One of the few things in this world that have no bounds or limits are dreams. One can dream anything literally virtually anything. At the same time dreams are ignored. Dreams are not only those during sleep but at any point of time one can dream.

Dreams have been a subject of interpretations. Its actually a huge domain where people use symbols or signs from dreams and predict the future. Our interest in dreams is a bit different than forecasting the future. We are interested in living out dreams. Our favorite definitions of dream are ‘ a cherished aspiration’ or ‘a person or thing percieved as wonderful or perfect’.

Dreams can be realised. It must have been hard for some one in the middle ages to understand but in the second decade of 21st Century with so much changed in the last 40 years. Someone from the 1980s would be awed by the amazing leaps that have been made in the past decades and someone from the early 1900s would be totally shocked to see the advancements made in 100 years. So I firmly believe the dictum that ‘One can realize what one can dream’.

The only hinderance is to see how we can convert our dreams into realizable goals. I have touched this topic in my following podcast.

It might look naive on the surface that dreams become goals but a little algorithmic approach can do wonders. Even if it does not workout its a good idea to atleast try this with every dream. Who knows where we would be if we could live out all our dreams.

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