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Doom 3 Gets Revived with New PlayStation VR Release

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2004’s Doom 3 is making a comeback later this month. Bethesda Softworks announced this week that Doom 3: VR Edition will arrive on PlayStation VR on March 29.

While Doom 3 may not be a favorite of the long-running, iconic and popular gaming franchise, it’s probably a good choice to develop in VR, since the game has a heavier focus on horror and more of a survival-horror format. The VR edition will feature all of the content from Doom 3 and its two expansions, Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission. 

Bethesda Softworks has also announced that the game has been refined for VR, with new enhancements for the virtual reality experience. This includes the ability to peer around corners, angling shots with flashlight-mounted weapons, 180-degree quick-turn controls, and a wrist-mounted display for players to track their health, armor, and ammo supply. 

This enhanced version of Doom 3 will also feature new textures, shaders, and sound effects as players will try to brave the forces of Hell and uncover the truth behind dark UAC experiments.

Doom 3 Announcement Teaser Trailer

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