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Listen To Your Intuition It Somehow Knows What's Right !

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@pramod.pandey83Pramod Chandrayan

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You know What?

We always try to fool ourselves by the false promises & wrong assumptions which is far flung from the reality. Our intuition always signals what is right and what is wrong? But we knowingly ignore all the facts, blaming it all to the circumstances. When we start living by letting our situations make mockery of ourself and letting it control our actions we put ourself into very precarious state. This state of living will always lead to a chaotic situation which can kind of blew you up uncontrollably.

Address Your Feeling:

A world expects from you a lot and will always do so, but you don’t need to give a damn to their expectations, you first need to address what you expect from yourself, and if you can take care of your inner feelings you will be in a frame of mind to gratify everyone around. If you are not feeling right doing something and you are just waiting for the right moment to get out of it, let me clarify you that there is no such right or wrong moment. Every moment is the right moment, you just need to see, how much you are prepared to convert those moments to work your way.

If you can take more actions you can answer to all your curiosity & anxiety. Fearing about the outcome will always stop you and will instruct your brain to work against your wish. After all brain has been trained to protect you more often than not.

Your Anxiety Should Empower You Not Cripple You:

I have personally experienced that when I am anxious my level of productivity increases, it very often triggers a right kind of emotions within me to fire me up. Yes, in this moment of anxiety people often gets into a zone where they feel crippled and become clueless, their brain takes over them to safeguard them, which is quite natural and normal way our brain is attuned to function. But we should also learn the art to come out of this zone very quickly to see the things with utter clarity. It will not happen overnight you need to train yourself and engineer yourself from within.

Sadhguru ji has a right word for it called as Inner Engineering

We as humans have all the essential ingredients to succeed in any walks of life, but we seldom work upon ourselves and use all what is hidden within to work in our favor, we always seek external support to make things congenial for us

Give Yourself A Chance Without Giving A Damn To The OutCome:


With the blessing of being born as humans, You need to make sure you are not wasting it doing things which never appeals to you. Just because there is a certain risk involved, and you can’t predict the outcome you are often advised not to go for it.

Until you listen to the authentic advice which your intuition has to offer, any other advice will never work for you and will you will always act like a fool.

So I invite everyone one of you awesome living being, to act out of your heart and give yourself a true chance to be called a successful life, who knew what it means to be a life well lived.

Don’t let situations rule you, take the charge and overrule them to write your own new rules to live. To live is to live as if you will never again, get an opportunity to live .


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