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Don’t Believe Fiction: Read Crypto News Wisely

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@tanveer-ahmadTanveer Ahmad

Technical Content writing is my passion. I have broad experience in writing for the technical field.

The cryptocurrency industry is evolving faster than ever and 2020 is predicted to be a crypto summer. While this might sound tempting but with innovations announced daily, it can be difficult to keep track. Making things more complex, the industry has given rise to countless experts, news sites, blogs, and influencers.

With so many places to seek knowledge and trading advantages in the crypto world, it becomes difficult to sort out credible information from these platforms. Is there a way to do our research with a flood of information? Obviously, it’s not an easy task to find out credible sources out of so many information sources. But here’s something that could help you:

Understand why you want to invest your time in cryptocurrency 

The first thing you need to ask yourself why you want to know about cryptocurrencies and Why are you interested in investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? If the answer to this question is unclear or the first thing that comes to mind is something like “I don’t know, but they say it can make me rich,” then you still have a lot to learn before diving into the world of cryptocurrencies.

No, I am not saying that purely mercantile interest is something shameful. In this area, there are many people whose income is the main motivation, and there is generally nothing wrong with that. Others, in turn, are encouraged by the promise of blockchain technology and believe in the transformational effects that may follow in the future.

Whatever the reason, the most important thing is to be absolutely honest with yourself and understand your motives for investing in cryptocurrencies.

Some people cannot understand that investing in the market is fraught with risk, like in a gamble. Therefore, you should not allocate all your investments. If it is difficult for you to pay current bills, then come back to this question later, when a little more available funds are available.

Read from Reliable Sources of Information

I read news and analytics of three resources daily:, BlockchainDailyNews, and CoinTelegraph. I like the manner of presenting information - briefly, structured in the case, and a large number of links to additional materials.

Minus - an excessive amount of advertising, which is not always directly indicated. One day, I counted 5 publications in a row about Bitcoin Cash on Moreover, in all publications the project was described very one-sidedly: this is a breakthrough, instant transactions, almost without commissions. Although it is no secret that the concept of instant transactions (zero-confirmation transactions concept), promoted by Bitcoin Cash, is often criticized for the dubious security of such transactions.

The most useful and deep (sometimes even academic, as I like) information about blockchain is presented in blogs like Hacker Noon. There, people not only talk about specific projects but also touch on the theoretical and philosophical aspects of the new economy.

Understanding the meaning and values ​​inherent in crypto-economics will be easy for you to distinguish between hype and what is truly significant. Of course, not all blogs are useful.

While all these sources provide sufficient information about cryptocurrencies but have you ever heard of a blockchain-based ecosystem for expanding your knowledge about cryptocurrency trading? Quite intuitive isn’t it? A blockchain-based ecosystem that teaches all about cryptocurrency trading. NewsCrypto is one such platform that I found to be exceptional in this regard.

It is a school program suitable for beginners and those who want to expand their knowledge about trading with cryptocurrencies. In the first four lessons, you will learn about Japanese candlesticks, how trendlines are forming, where you should draw resistance and support lines as well as a few basic chart patterns as an introduction into the fifth lesson. 

In the final four lessons, we will teach you about advanced chart patterns, trading with RSI and Stochastic and market depth. Additionally, lessons also advise you on how you should react in situations after described chart pattern forms. At the end of each lesson, they have prepared interactive tasks. Each lesson has a text task in which you have to choose the right answer and tasks based on charts where you have to choose the right chart pattern. 

Lessons grant you points if answered correctly. Upon finishing all lessons and tasks you get a title based on the points you have gathered through school. The platform also will reward you for your knowledge, meaning that the more points you get, the more tokens you earn for free. Newscrypto School contains subjects like crypto basics, charts, Newscrypto tools, Trading strategies, Economics, Crypto development and much more in the future.

Wrapping it up

The list of crypto news platforms is a lengthy one, it will require some days to get on with it but efficiency gains are worth investing some time in it. Obviously, you will find some of the promotional contents everywhere but it’s worth it because without it we will probably never be able to know about the innovations in the crypto world. So it’s advised to be critical about everything you read online. 

Disclaimer: Author is not in any capacity linked to the information sources mentioned in the articles. 


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