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Docker & Serverless Most Read Stories — DevOpsLinks

by Aymen (@eon01)October 5th, 2017
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After creating <a href="" target="_blank">DevOpsLinks</a> community, I’ve noticed that many of this community members are interested in technologies like Docker &amp; serverless technologies and this is why I started a new newsletter focused on these topics that I called <a href="" target="_blank">Shipped</a>&nbsp;!
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After creating DevOpsLinks community, I’ve noticed that many of this community members are interested in technologies like Docker & serverless technologies and this is why I started a new newsletter focused on these topics that I called Shipped !

Shipped is a Newsletter Focused On Serverless, Containers & Orchestration

Through this story, I am sharing the most read articles in DevOpsLinks newsletter about Docker, Serverless, K8S and other related topics.

3 Questions about Serverless Technology — 4 min read

As a fairly new technology, serverless can be both exciting and confusing. Early adopters have found that this is not a cloud architecture option where developers can ask questions on Stack Overflow and see who has previously encountered that same problem. […]

4 Tools For Building Production Serverless Architectures with Lambda — 1 min read

The Serverless Framework offers one of the fastest and cheapest ways to produce scalable and modern backend applications. However, building these event based systems differs quite a lot from traditional applications both by development workflow and production infrastructure. […]

6 Things to Know Before Migrating An Existing Service to Serverless — 3 min read

Last year, my company decided to make the plunge. We were going to go Serverless! Except…most of the resources about serverless architectures are about how to start from scratch, not how to migrate existing services over. […]

Anatomy of a Serverless Application — 11 min read

We’ve all been new to serverless before. In this post, I’ll walk you through how to get up and running on your first application. Let’s cut through the docs, shall we? This application will be a backend email service that can be called over HTTP from a simple frontend like curl. […]

Architecting Serverless Notifications on AWS — 5 min read

Real-time notification plays an important role in use cases like you need to notify the users when there is an update available for the app or when a comment/inquiry is received on a website. […]

Azure Cosmos DB: Serverless database computing using Azure Functions — 6 min read

Serverless computing is all about the ability to focus on individual pieces of logic that are repeatable and stateless. These pieces require no infrastructure management and they consume resources only for the seconds, or milliseconds, they run for. […]

BinaryAlert: Real-time Serverless Malware Detection — 3 min read

Today, Airbnb is proud to announce the open-source release of BinaryAlert: a serverless, real-time framework for detecting malicious files. […]

Common Misconceptions About Docker, Containers and Microservices — 1 min read

9 misconceptions about Docker & Microservices […]

Comparing Seven Monitoring Options for Docker — 26 min read

As Docker is used for larger deployments it becomes more important to get visibility into the status and health of docker environments. […]

Creating a Heroku-like Deployment Solution with Docker — 17 min read

This tutorial will show you how to create an automation tool for deploying your software in a simple way, similar to deploying to Heroku. We’ll be using Docker to version control each deploy, which makes upgrades and rollbacks fairly easy. […]

Creating a Serverless Python API Using AWS Lambda & Chalice — 4 min read

Chalice is a python serverless microframework for AWS, created by Amazon Web Services. It allows developers create and deploy applications that use Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda. […]

Creating an Army of Docker Containers using SaltStack, Boto3 & CloudInit on AWS — 5 min read

With tools like SaltStack and Docker things are becoming easier. This tutorial is part of a Painless Docker Course. […]

Deploy Your PHP App with Docker — 1 min read

This talk explains how to develop and deploy to production your application built with Docker. The presentation starts from the development environment and passing by Continuous Integration arrives to Production. […]

Docker Networking Internals: How Docker uses Linux iptables and interfaces — 10 min read

I started playing with docker a while ago, and like most people I was instantly impressed with its power and ease of use. Simplicity is one of docker’s core tenants, and much of docker’s power is abstracted behind simple cli commands. […]

Docker Networking Tip — Load balancing options in Docker — 1 min read

I had promised earlier that I will continue my Docker Networking Tip series. This is second in that series. The first one on Macvlan driver can be found here. In this presentation, I have covered different load balance options with Docker. Following topics are covered in this presentation: […]

Docker Security Best Practices — 9 min read

Docker accelerates your development and deployment cycles, letting you push code out faster than ever before. But it also comes with an unexpected set of security implications that you should be aware of. […]

Docker Tip #18: Please Pin Your Docker Image Versions — 1 min read

Pinning your versions only takes a few extra seconds but I promise you, it’s going to save you a ton of time in the future. Here’s why. Pinning a version just means that you set a specific version and there’s varying degrees of how precise you can pin your versions. […]

Docker, Rancher, EFS, Glusterfs, Minikube, SNS, SQS, Microservices, Traefik & Containerd .. My Best Docker Blog Posts — 2 min read

Since I start working on Painless Docker project, I used blog posts as prototypes for the lessons I am sharing with my readers. I’d like to share the best of them through this story. […]

Enough Docker to be Dangerous — 6 min read

Unlike Jeff Leek I do most of my software development on a MacBook Pro, but every once in a while I would like to be able to access a shell on Ubuntu without too much hassle. […]

Event Gateway — The Missing Piece of Serverless Architectures — 1 min read

The innovation of serverless compute (FaaS) was huge. It dramatically decreased operational complexity and allowed developers to perform compute more easily than ever. Then entered the Serverless Framework, which offered an application experience of functions and events around serverless computing. […]

Google not Amazon. Make fantastic savings in a server-less world — 7 min read

I’ve spent thirty years managing technology projects in “the enterprise”. That’s 100 projects from $100K to $150M, installing or building software. Most of these have been internet and cloud and they’ve involved working with a broad range of IT departments, CEOs, CIOs and CFOs. […]

How Did I “Hack” AWS Lambda to Run Docker Containers — 4 min read

Why didn’t Lambda ship Docker out of the box? Is it because of security concerns? Why even bother, let’s do it ourselves! Lambda is pioneering the serverless market. Look at the chart below: […]

How Serverless Defined Its Team Values — 4 min read

Our CEO, Austen Collins, created the Serverless Framework after many days of coding solo on an Oakland cafe sofa. Almost out of nowhere, he had a popular open-source project in his hands. It was time to build a company. […]

Kubernetes on AWS… Cool Your Jets — 2 min read

When AWS joined the CNCF everyone got so excited for hosted Kubernetes, and the clickbait articles were produced en masse. As much as I would love an AWS managed K8s, I am not holding my breath. I have a couple reasons for these reservations. […]

Learn Kubernetes Using Minikube & Docker on MacOS — 6 min read

Minikube is a great local development environment and a way to learn the most common commands that build up your “muscle memory” which helps your GyShiDo. This post combines a simple Hello World guide with additional context for anyone brand new to Kubernetes. […]

Managing Secrets in Docker Swarm — 6 min read

Docker changed how development, testing and running software are done, and that’s why software engineers and companies should develop new habits and follow best practices. […]

My Docker Cheat Sheet — 3 min read

I’ve been using Docker for years now, in my previous professional experiences and for my company ( customers and I wanted to share my knowledge, that’s why I started Painless Docker Course. Painless Docker is now a course and not just a book: Visit the website for more details. […]

Practical Services Monitoring with Prometheus and Docker — 7 min read

Airtame Cloud is a web service which enables organisations to remotely monitor and administer large deployments of Airtame devices. We take availability and monitoring very seriously to keep helping our customers accomplish their goals and needs. […]

Prototyping a Parallel Computing Cluster Using Docker — 7 min read

The goal is prototyping a parallel computing cluster using Docker where user can submit a Python job and a number of containers run this in a non blocking way. The full lesson is published in my course Painless Docker. […]

Serverless Domain Forwarding with AWS — 5 min read

I recently splurged on a vanity domain that I realized I didn’t have time or interest in developing into a full-blown blog or microsite. Because of this I decided it would just be best to redirect it to this blog. […]

Serverless Hosting Comparison — 9 min read

New players are entering this space rapidly, but as you’d expect, the largest cloud providers have the most extensive set of geographical locations and supporting resources for hosting serverless applications. […]

Serverless and the death of DevOps — 2 min read

A couple of weeks back, I took a trip to London after work to attend the latest CloudCamp meet-up. It’s been a while since I last went to CloudCamp but I was intrigued by the title of the event: “Serverless and the death of DevOps?”. The death of DevOps? Surely not. […]

Serverless computing may kill Google Cloud Platform — 2 min read

Google, which has had to claw its way back into cloud relevance in the shadows of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, suddenly finds itself playing catchup again, thanks to the rise of serverless computing. […]

Serverless computing with Azure Function in a DevOps Model — 4 min read

In a DevOps Model, one of the crucial aspect for Engineers is to manage Infrastructure. No matter how much ever we automate this task becomes cumbersome especially when we have multiple servers involved. […]

Serverless is cheaper, not simpler — 4 min read

The (Emit) conference last week featured a lineup of excellent talks, an engaging panel discussion, and plenty of time to meet and exchange notes with the awesome fellows of the serverless community. Cost is unanimously cited as the key driver for serverless adoption. […]

The Definitive Docker Cheat Sheet

Docker Cheat Sheet ! Share the Love. […]

The State of The Serverless Ecosystem — 5 min read

This article was originally posted on spotinst’s company blog. […]

The definitive guide to using Docker as a local development environment (part 1) — 13 min read

I work as a freelancer. It means I keep switching between projects, sometimes several times a day. My first project uses Ruby 2.1 with Rails 4.2. But it also relies on NodeJS through the RubyRacer gem, which is only compatible with NodeJS < version 4. […]

The story of a Serverless cryptocurrency tradingbot — 1 min read

Statements in this article should not be considered investment advice, which is best sought directly from a qualified professional. Removing the emotional part out of trading. […]

Using Kubernetes for Local Development — Minikube — 2 min read

If you ops team are using Docker and Kubernetes, it is recommended to adopt the same or similar technologies in development. […]

Will Serverless Computing Kill Docker Containers? In a Word, No — 1 min read

Will serverless computing eventually replace Docker? That’s the conclusion the internet seems to be drawing. But it’s the wrong way to think about the relationship between Docker containers and serverless computing. […]

Writing an Event-driven Serverless Application with Full Local Development Experience — 9 min read

In my previous post on Anatomy of a Serverless Application, I lay the foundation for building a very simple application with an email service using the Serverless Framework, deployed to AWS Lambda. In this post, we will build mailman, an event-driven serverless application. […]

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