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ProductHunt Hunting Etiquette

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My name is Alexander Isora. I’m a web creator and blockchain enthusiast. My work requires being well informed about new tech products and startups, that is why ProductHunt has been my favourite place on the web for the last few years.

ProductHunt had been founded long time ago by Ryan Hoover. Initially ProductHunt was nothing but a newsletter helping discovering cool tech products. Today, it’s the face of the startup industry.

Many tech products use ProductHunt as a very efficient promotion platform. For small beginning teams, PH is the market entry point. And being successful there is often extremely important.

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To be successful on ProductHunt, one must be well prepared. The team must be ready for a 48 hours work , the social media should be active, the landing page must be polished, CDNs and servers are tuned etc.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail “—Benjamin Franklin

And the crucial point is to know exactly when your ProductHunt debut is. It often happens that guys are hunted unexpectedly. And, if they are lucky enough to notice the surprise, they have to drop everything and urgently accumulate all the power.

The example living is Josh Petty, whose CryptoAquarium has been recently hunted without his will. Sad results we see.

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To avoid such occasions I’ve created The idea is dead simple:


Makers should:

  • Create an .html page telling about their ProductHunt preferences (or download the free page from
  • Place it in the “/ph” directory of their website.
  • Make sure that visiting “/ph” returns the “/ph.html” (or any other *.html) or redirects to a website that describes their ProductHunt hunting preferences.

Hunters should:

  • Before hunting a startup, have a look at their “/ph”. For example, before hunting, go to and see if I want the product to be hunted.
  • Connect the product owners and be sure that the team is fully prepared and ready for the hunt.

Being nice to each other, we will make the world a much better place and create a larger influence on it.

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